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Stock Alert Pre-Surge Setup Videos

Stock alerts & setups are explained in these videos illustrating pre-surge setups. We also show why StockAlerts is far better than stock filters and scanners for identifying setups.

We believe these videos are very instructive and well worth watching.  We hope you will agree.

There will be a time of dead silence while the videos load.  Please be patient.  

When the videos end, click once on the "x" in the top right corner of the screen.  Then click on the back arrow of your browser to return here.  If you click twice on the "x" box, you will close your browser and leave the Internet

A Mac user reported that he could hear the audio but could not see the visual part of the video.  We contacted Apple representatives about this, and they told us that a Mac user can play Windows-based media by downloading and using a windows media player created for the Mac.


We understand that "VLC media player for Mac" is a free Open Source application that does the job.  Go to


and select the free version that meets your needs.  


Please let us know if you have success viewing a video with a Mac or any other Apple product.  The survey form below will not let us know, because it does not differentiate between PC and Mac users.  Instead, please send an e-mail by using the form on the "Contact Us" page.





Video #1 illustrates alerts generated for our StockAlerts subscribers.  A few examples are also displayed near the bottom of the "Stock Alerts" page.  To get there, click on the "Stock Alerts" link on the left of your screen or use the blue link lower on this page.  Even if you have no interest in subscribing, we think you will find this information to be quite useful. 

 Video #1


Video #2 explains how the various "filters" available on the Internet fall short of what we provide with StockAlerts.  The vast majority of those scanners are simply too crude or simplistic to find configurations that are true setups.  A "true setup" is a pre-surge configuration.  Illustrations of the differences are provided. 

 Video #2

Attention Mac Users: If you can play a video with no problems, please e-mail us and let us know.  It seems that most people who have a problem seeing any of our videos are Mac users.  Since the format we are using for videos is supposed to be standard wmv. format, it does not make sense to us that a Mac is incapable of playing them.


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