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Momentum Stock Scanner & Screen

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     Our algorithm finds high-momentum stocks.  Price momentum surges, especially if accompanied by volume surges often presage a significant move.  Stocks in an 8,000+ stock database are ranked by momentum.

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Momentum is similar to price-rate-of-change.  The difference is that momentum is expressed usually as a ratio, and price-rate-of-change is expressed as a percent.  Both are "momentum" measurements.  We express the momentum as a percentage here because it is easier for most people to visualize percentages than ratios.         

It is often possible to catch a stock early in a sustained move by monitoring stocks that have undergone a recent momentum surge.  Our momentum scanner computes the 10-day momentum of each of thousands of stocks.  Remember that a high 10-day momentum figure does not necessarily mean a viable trend has begun.  There may be nearby overhead resistance to any additional upside movement.  If there is, you should either wait and see if the stock breaks through that resistance or look elsewhere.  Look at the stock's 3-year chart and it's 1-year chart to get a sense of the context for the recent momentum.  Is the stock accelerating after touching its rising trendline, breaking through its upper Bollinger band, bursting through the neckline of an inverted head-and-shoulders formation, or breaking through the upper resistance boundary of an ascending triangle?  Look for such things to validate that the momentum is probably the beginning of a significant move.  If you do not know what these formations are, learn what overhead resistance looks like.  Many people consider the lack of overhead resistance to be sufficient reason to purchase a high-momentum stock.

Extreme readings are more likely to be followed by a continuation of the upside movement.    Check a stock carefully before you buy it.  A momentum surge may result because of a possible takeover.  In such cases, a stock will usually gap up to a certain level then level off with little price change from then on (it goes relatively flat).  There might be another surge later or the stock may stay there for up to a few months and then plummet if the takeover collapses.  In short, the upside move may already be over.  We believe it is better to look for stocks that have not spiked up abruptly then traded flat after that, and that you make sure there is no nearby resistance overhanging the stock.  The bottom line is that stocks with the greatest momentum out of thousands of stocks probably have that momentum for a good reason

The free list provided here is taken from the 50 just below the subscriber lists.  Subscribers get a list of 100 stocks that have the greatest momentum.
Though the best candidates are usually near the top of the list, that is not always the case.  Even though the 50 stocks listed here are taken from below that list, they still rank in the top 150 out of thousands of stocks.  That means they are worth looking at.  The list is updated daily, so even if there is nothing compelling here today because of overhead resistance or because of something else, there might very well be a real winner here tomorrow.  The "Mom" column shows how much the stock has gained in the last 10 days.

If the letters "ORD" are at the end of a stock's name, it means "Ordinary" and it is the same as "Common."  All stock shares in our lists are common shares.  We show only the first 24 characters of the names.

Ranked By Momentum

Ranked By Momentum

Updated Fri p.m. after the close of market
Stock Name Sym Close % Ch %Vol Mom
WEATHERFORD INTL ORD WFT 2.63 2.33 110.2 14.4%
EMERGENT BIOSOLUTIONS OR EBS 65.96 -0.06 253.7 14.3%
CENTURY ALUMINUM ORD CENX.O 13.25 0.99 143.0 14.2%
FLOTEK INDUSTRIES ORD FTK 2.57 4.90 227.5 14.2%
ENERGEN ORD EGN 81.73 1.38 211.0 14.2%
MANITOWOC ORD MTW 25.85 -1.97 -46.2 14.2%
OCEAN RIG UDW CL A ORD ORIG.O 33.83 4.51 3.7 14.2%
DIAMONDBACK ENERGY ORD FANG.O 128.55 1.44 -6.1 14.1%
OSIRIS THERAPEUTICS ORD OSIR.O 11.16 1.45 121.2 14.1%
PRETIUM RESOURCES ORD PVG 8.11 -0.49 143.0 14.1%
COMPASS MINERALS INTERNA CMP 69.90 0.29 88.8 14.0%
LUXFER HOLDINGS ORD LXFR.K 24.26 3.72 9.5 14.0%
GULFPORT ENERGY ORD GPOR.O 11.76 0.34 31.2 14.0%
RADNET ORD RDNT.O 15.55 0.65 265.0 13.9%
DISCOVERY SRS A ORD DISCA.O 31.80 -1.43 50.4 13.8%
TELECOM ARGENTINA ADR RE TEO 19.67 4.24 53.2 13.8%
DIREXION DILY JR GOLD MI JNUG.K 8.11 -4.14 -11.9 13.7%
CLEVELAND CLIFFS ORD CLF 12.16 -0.49 -10.4 13.6%
TRIUMPH GROUP ORD TGI 23.35 1.30 378.4 13.6%
KOSMOS ENERGY ORD KOS 9.51 0.63 31.3 13.6%
TESLA ORD TSLA.O 299.10 0.26 -31.9 13.6%
CROWN HOLDINGS ORD CCK 48.71 1.56 78.5 13.6%
AMERICAN AIRLINES GROUP  AAL.O 43.60 4.08 56.2 13.5%
BANCO MACRO ADR REP TEN  BMA 48.50 5.05 -68.4 13.4%
PROSHARES ULTRA BLOM NAT BOIL.K 29.79 1.99 47.1 13.4%
MYERS INDUSTRIES ORD MYE 25.45 0.79 606.7 13.4%
TEVA PHARMA IND ADR REP  TEVA.K 24.36 -1.89 -.8 13.3%
LAREDO PETROLEUM ORD LPI 8.80 1.27 93.2 13.3%
SALLY BEAUTY HOLDINGS OR SBH 18.36 -0.11 20.7 13.2%
AK STEEL HOLDING ORD AKS 4.74 -2.27 4.3 13.1%
H AND E EQUIPMENT SERVIC HEES.O 37.00 0.79 50.1 13.0%
DISCOVERY SRS C ORD DISCK.O 29.07 -1.86 321.3 12.9%
COMSCORE ORD SCOR.O 20.52 -0.24 250.9 12.9%
TRANSPOR DE GA DE ADR RE TGS 16.94 -1.68 12.9 12.9%
CONSTELLIUM CL A ORD CSTM.K 12.45 0.81 -44.9 12.7%
MASTEC ORD MTZ 45.80 0.22 -36.8 12.7%
AGILE THERAPEUTICS ORD AGRX.O 0.34 -4.90 -33.3 12.6%
ALLEGHENY TECHNOLOGIES O ATI 28.66 0.53 51.4 12.6%
HESS ORD HES 70.51 1.63 94.1 12.6%
ACXIOM HOLDINGS ORD ACXM.O 50.90 1.25 -36.2 12.6%
EVOLUTION PETROLEUM ORD EPM 11.20 3.70 116.0 12.6%
ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI ADR RE AU 8.81 0.80 151.2 12.5%
EXONE ORD XONE.O 9.53 -0.10 -37.3 12.5%
KKR AND CO CL A ORD KKR 28.25 0.82 173.2 12.5%
GOLAR LNG ORD GLNG.O 28.32 2.50 -38.4 12.4%
PACIRA PHARMACEUTICALS O PCRX.O 50.50 -2.88 -11.3 12.4%
L BRANDS ORD LB 30.37 1.64 120.5 12.1%
CASEYS GENERAL STORES OR CASY.O 128.88 0.48 69.5 12.1%
ISRAEL CHEMICALS ORD ICL 6.22 0.65 1.4 12.1%

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