Customer and Visitor Communications

You May Contact Us Several Ways 

Click on our e-mail address: 

Our phone number is - 714-966-1400

We will be glad to answer questions.  However, we do not accept collect calls, give buy or sell advice, or make return calls (we have to strictly control our expenses in order to provide our services at the prices we charge).  Please read the following before you call.

1. Though we are glad to talk to you, we are basically investor-traders.  During market hours, we often do not answer the phone.  If we are making trades or planning strategy, we may silence the phone's ringer to avoid interruptions.  Since we cannot control when people call us, they may call at inconvenient times.  Being interrupted by a phone call when we are trying to make a trade can be very expensive for us.   Consequently, we prefer emails because they enable us to control the timing of our response.  We have not hired somebody to answer the phone because anybody we hired for that purpose would not have the depth of knowledge necessary to answer questions likely to be asked, and the caller would end up paying for a useless call. 

2. We have found that phone calls between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Pacific time can cause a significant delay in the updating of this site.  In order to provide our subscribers with the data they need without extra delays, we often disconnect our phone during those hours so we can concentrate on generating fresh subscriber reports (and on updating other aspects of the site).  It takes all our resources to get the job done at a reasonable time.  Therefore, If you call during the hours when we are at work updating the site, you will likely get no answer, a busy signal, or an answering machine.

3. We may not check phone messages until the end of the day.  There is no need to, since we generally do not return phone calls.  However, we have an automated alert system that lets us know an email is waiting even if our email program is closed.  The alert remains on our screen until we close it.  That means we have to be aware of the message.  Therefore, we can respond to the email when we have a break or when it is convenient.  So, there is a good chance we will respond to an email much faster than to a phone message, except when the phone call is made at a good time (see #4).

4. There are times when only a phone call will do.  For example, a phone call makes sense when you want to ask a question about something that is not explained to your satisfaction on the Website.  If you want to talk, the best time to call is between 5:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Pacific.  Generally, we are not investing at that time and we are not updating the site so you will not interrupt time-sensitive operations.  We will almost always answer the phone at that time.  Please feel free to call. 

Our physical mailing address is -

1590 Adams Avenue #4400
Costa Mesa, CA  92628


Please do NOT send us credit card information or place orders via regular e-mail.  Credit card issuers require special coding on e-commerce credit card orders.  That coding is added automatically if you place a desired item in the "Shopping Cart," complete the required order forms, and place your order from that location.  We do not take credit card orders over the phone or by regular e-mail.  Use our secure ordering page to protect sensitive information.

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