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Volume Surges

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Notice to visitors:  We have upgraded our free lists.  For example, Volume surges and Momentum have been changed to include stocks that are actually on the subscriber list rather than just below it.  The number of stocks in the free "HotStocks" list has been doubled.

Below is a free list of stocks that have had a surge in Volume.

     Many investors are interested in such stocks because the volume surge often precedes a price surge. The greater the surge in volume, the more likely it is that price will follow. When a stock's volume surges or spikes, it means interest in that stock has suddenly increased. People have, for some reason, begun buying or selling in much greater quantities than is "normal" for the stock. A Volume surge is often the beginning of a new significant move (up or down) in price.
     We search thousands of stocks (over 7000) and rank them according to their percentage change in volume. The percentage surge in volume is indicated under the yellow column heading "% Ch Vol." Subscribers get a list of the top 100. Their reports also have two columns in which alerts are posted for every stock in the top 100 list that has just had either a Donchian crossover signal ("buy" or "sell") or an R.C. Allen signal.  An example of the subscriber's list is shown below the free list. 
     The following free list consists of 25 stocks immediately below the top 25 stocks on the list that Subscribers get. The 100 stocks on the subscriber list are ranked in the order of the magnitude of the volume surge.  The stocks listed below are numbers 26 to 50 on the subscriber list.  T
herefore,  25 stocks listed here rank in the top 50 out of thousands of stocks.  That means they are well worth looking at.  The list is updated daily, so even if there is nothing compelling here today because of overhead resistance or because of something else, there might very well be some real winners here tomorrow.  The "Mom" column shows how much the stock has gained in the last 10 days.

If the letters "ORD" are at the end of a stock's name, it means "Ordinary" and it means the same thing as "Common."  All stock shares in our lists are common shares.  We show only the first 24 characters of the names.

Some symbols (but not all) have extenders: ".K "= NYSE, ".O" = OTC, ".PK" = Pink Sheets.  Most charting programs in the U.S do not know what to do with the extenders, so do not enter them when trying to generate a chart of the stock.  The extenders are provided solely to give you added information.  For example, most 3-symbol stocks are listed on the NYSE and most 4-symbol stocks are listed OTC.  However, some companies switch exchanges but keep their symbols.  The .O extender after a 3-symbol ticker clarifies that the stock is not on the NYSE but that it is traded OTC.

Free Data In This Table Was Updated Mon p.m. After The Close of Market 
Company Symbol    Close   %Ch       % Vol      Mom           
SPDR S&P 600 SMALL CAP G SLYG.K 60.4 0.58 364 1.1%
FIDELITY NATIONAL INFORM FIS 108.1 -0.70 362 -0.8%
INVSC S P 500 BUYWRITE E PBP 21.0 0.19 361 -1.1%
CHEMOCENTRYX ORD CCXI.O 10.8 5.79 315 2.2%
INVSC S P SMALLCAP LOW V XSLV.K 47.4 0.27 309 0.7%
CENTER COAST BRKFLD MLP  CEN 8.1 0.49 308 -1.0%
SPDR BLMBRG BRCLY INTL T BWX 27.8 0.25 303 -1.1%
GLOBAL X MSCI ARGENTINA  ARGT.K 28.9 1.54 301 -4.6%
PIXELWORKS ORD PXLW.O 4.1 8.42 298 -3.3%
VANECK VECTORS VIETNAM E VNM 17.2 1.84 286 -1.7%
PROSHARES SHORT HIGH YIE SJB 22.1 -0.09 270 0.3%
ARK WEB X.0 ETF ARKW.K 51.6 0.08 254 -1.3%
MFS CHARTER INCOME CF MCR 7.8 0.39 239 0.0%
FIRST TRUST S&P REIT IND FRI 24.4 -0.73 228 -0.9%
PIONEER FLOATING RATE CF PHD 10.5 -0.66 225 0.5%
ORAGENICS ORD OGEN.K 1.0 7.60 217 -8.8%
INVSC BULLETSHARES 2021  BSCL.K 21.0 -0.24 210 -0.1%
EATON VANCE MUNICIPAL BN EIM 12.0 -0.99 207 -1.0%
INVSC CRNCYSH EURO CURRE FXE 108.2 0.16 203 0.0%
SALIENT MIDSTREAM & MLP  SMM 9.0 0.89 199 -2.6%
The following list is not updated and should not be considered current. When the list was created, the market had just started to surge and signals were being given in the two right columns.  Subscribers get a list of the top 100 (updated daily or, by option, weekly).  The following image is intended only to show the type of information given to subscribers and how the reports are formatted.

The Data In This Table Was Updated XXX p.m. After The Close of Market 
Company Name                                         Symbol     Close             %Ch       %Vol          Mom            5x20        4x9x18       
WISDOMTREE JAPA SMALCP D DFJ 77.0 -0.48 2,978 1.9%
US MARKET ROTATION STRAT HUSE.K 40.7 0.42 2,227 0.7%
PIXELWORKS PXLW.O 4.2 28.99 1,994 -19.1%
COMSTOCK HOLDING COS CHCI.O 2.8 10.22 1,191 -8.5% X-Up X-Up
TITAN INTERNATIONAL TWI 7.1 -29.64 1,081 30.6%
MFA FINANCIAL REIT MFA 7.7 -4.84 1,006 1.4%
BEMIS  BMS 51.5 11.27 958 -20.8%
SIERRA WIRELESS SWIR.O 19.3 19.14 924 -14.2% X-Up

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