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We Need to Know If You Can Play Our Videos

We Need Your Help! 

Please perform the test below to see if you can play our videos.  If you cannot play our videos, please use the link we have provided on the previous page so you can add the free software to your system that should enable you to see them.  We know that some people cannot see our videos, but we need to know how big a problem this is, and whether we need to change our recording software.  Obviously, we need to know this before we do any more recording.

The videos that originally played by clicking on the link that brought you here demonstrated many examples of "setups" that usually lead to a surge in price within a few days, and the "trigger events" that usually indicate the expected move has begun.  These are the chart configurations that generate the alerts in our StockAlerts subscription. The videos may be redone, but before we start working on them we need to find a format that is viewable by the most people.  Otherwise, they just take up valuable space on the server.  A 1½ page tutorial might occupy 30 to 45 KB, but our videos (we originally had six) average nearly 28,000 KB each.

There is a shaded area below where you can let us know if you can play the videos.  Please participate so we can know what is happening.  Try the following test to see if our videos are playable on your system.  The formatting used is supposed to be a universal standard that most systems can play (avi.) but we understand that some Apple systems cannot play them.  Consultants at an Apple store tell us that Apple equipment can be made compatible.  If you have an apple and you can play the videos, we would sure appreciate it if you would let us know what you did to make the videos work or what software you used.  That information could help a lot of people.  Just click on the link below and see if the video starts and determine whether or not you can see and hear it.  Then exit the video and let us know by clicking on 1 of the 4 choices in our survey below.   Click here to perform Test: Can your equipment play our videos?

When you read this, the survey may also be on the "Stops Video" and "Valuator Videos" pages, but the survey there is the same as this one.  Also, both video links on the Stock Alerts page come here.  Do not vote more than once.  It's the same survey at all these locations and the results are automatically combined.

Attention Mac Users: It seems that most people who have a problem seeing any of our videos are Mac users.  An Apple Store we contacted highly recommended the free software at the link on the previous page.  If that software enables you to play a video with no problems, please e-mail us and let us know.  We ask for an e-mail because the survey below does not differentiate between Mac and PC users.  It simply gives us the percentage of visitors that cannot see the video.  An e-mail will let us know what worked, and then we can let others know.

Can You See & Hear The Videos?
Our Videos

Our Videos

Do you have equipment that can play our videos as they are presently formatted?

Do you have equipment that can play our videos as they are presently formatted?



Do you have equipment that can play our videos as they are presently formatted?

Do you have equipment that can play our videos as they are presently formatted?

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