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Use Stop Losses Based on Volatility

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Video #2 shows the new format.  However, we neglected to point out that, to prevent people from accidentally deleting cells or unseen equations, we have added XLSafe to protect the tool.   That protection disabled some hyperlinks.  That is, the symbols displayed at the top representing the stocks being tracked and the word "Stops" in the top right corner no longer function as links to other areas of the spreadsheet.  Another change not mentioned, is that the chart in the "Lab" section used to be very wide (as in the video) to accommodate five years of data.  As a person scrolled to the right to view portions of the chart beyond the right edge of the screen, the scale on the left disappeared for those who did not know how to "freeze" sections of a spreadsheet.  The original long chart has now been divided into five charts arranged vertically.  This makes it easy fo view the left scale of the chart without scrolling back and forth.
A final note: Because the original size of this file was too large to upload to the server, we deleted some material that had been covered in the first video.  The result was an abrupt ending. 

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