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Stocks That Closed at a New 6-Month High

A List of Stocks Making New 6-Month Highs

Stocks that are making new highs are making those new highs for a reason.  A stock breaks through various levels of resistance because buyers believe the stock is cheap at current prices.  They would not think that unless the company has created an exciting new product, has made a discovery, has developed a cure, has greater profit than previously anticipated, or is expected to make a lot of money relatively soon.  New highs are driven by enthusiasm about a company's prospects.  We have chosen to focus on new 6-month highs, because a stock that was higher one or more years ago is still of interest if it has not been this high for at least 6 months.  Also, stocks making 1-year highs or all-time highs will be making new 6-month highs.  This approach gives us a wider selection from which to choose.  If the list were focused only on stocks reaching new highs since they were first listed, our list would include a much higher percentage of newly traded stocks of financially weak companies.  We prefer to see the wider selection this approach provides.  

When the market is in "pause" mode or pulling back, the number of stocks making new highs will be less, sometimes much less, than when the market is advancing strongly.  For subscribers, we list the stocks making new highs and rank them according to the magnitude of their 10-day momentum.  The subscriber lists consist of those stocks that have made a new high AND that have the greatest 10-day momentum.   The following list is a sample of the lists we provide.  This sample has only 20 stocks that rank immediately below the top 50 which subscribers get.  Of course the following list will be shorter if there are fewer than 70 stocks making a new high.  If the table is empty, it means that the number of new highs totaled 50 or less.  The first 50 are reserved for subscribers. A new list is generated for subscribers every day.

If the letters "ORD" are at the end of a stock's name, it means "Ordinary" and it is the same as "Common."  All stock shares in our lists are common shares.  We show only the first 24 characters of the names.

Updated Mon p.m. after the close of market
Name Sym 10-Day Mom 1-day Vol % Price % Close
INVSC DB OIL ETF DBO 6.79% -1.33% 2.48% 13.22
NU SKIN ENTERPRISES CL A NUS 6.41% -41.75% 1.24% 85.46
HEALTH INSURANCE INNOVAT HIIQ.O 6.22% -67.08% 1.22% 58.10
EXXON MOBIL ORD XOM 5.98% -50.82% 1.68% 86.60
WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAI WWE 5.51% -31.93% 2.63% 92.47
VOCERA COMMUNICATIONS OR VCRA.K 5.15% 5.25% 1.05% 35.72
LHC GROUP ORD LHCG.O 5.12% -50.67% 2.34% 100.80
INTUITIVE SURGICAL ORD ISRG.O 5.05% -62.00% 2.25% 569.27
ERICSSON SPON ADR REP 1  ERIC.O 5.04% 66.23% 1.82% 8.96
UNITED STATES BRENT OIL  BNO 5.04% -40.43% 3.23% 22.72
HP ORD HPQ 4.95% -56.20% 0.15% 25.87
SALESFORCE.COM ORD CRM 4.93% -72.75% 2.10% 158.78
INVSC DB ENERGY ETF DBE 4.91% 92.93% 2.66% 17.75
MASIMO ORD MASI.O 4.91% -34.19% 1.08% 123.82
ULTRAGENYX PHARMACEUTICA RARE.O 4.91% -28.77% 4.44% 88.64
WEST PHARM SVC ORD WST 4.90% 6.69% 0.97% 122.77
ASSURED GUARANTY ORD AGO 4.89% -45.85% 0.47% 42.48
ORACLE ORD ORCL.K 4.87% -53.26% 0.27% 51.24
MICROSOFT ORD MSFT.O 4.84% -64.75% 0.36% 114.67
BOTTOMLINE TECHNOLOGIES  EPAY.O 4.75% -44.92% 0.51% 70.95

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