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Donchian and R.C. Allen Signals for S&P500

This scanner reports every day on every Donchian and R.C. Allen Signal for the stocks in the S&P500 Index. The S&P500 consists of a mix of small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap stocks. More than half are mid-cap or small cap. However, because of the way they are weighted in computing the Index (more weight is given to the large cap stocks), the S&P500 is considered to be a large cap Index. If you decide to buy a stock that generates an "Up Alert," according to one of the systems, there will be a follow-up report when it generates a "Dn Alert" (unless the stock has been removed from the S&P500 Index).

Every day we list every stock in the S&P500 Index (as of our last update of the stocks that make up the Index), and we indicate which ones have generated an alert. Every stock is reported on (closing price, volume, volume change, Donchian alert, R.C. Allen alert), whether or not an alert has been generated. If portfolio positions are filled from this list, then those positions are tracked daily and every Donchian and RC Allen alert generated by the stocks in your portfolio will be displayed on a daily basis so you can be aware when a buy or sell order may be called for on a particular stock. Alerts are displayed afer the close of market when the site is updated.  For example, if the 5-day moving average crosses below the 20-day moving average on a Monday, then the crossover will be reported with that day's update. On Tuesday, there will not be another alert generated for that crossover because the 5-day moving average will already be below the 20-day moving average (if there is no new crossover, there will be no alert, and the old alert will not be repeated). For there to be another alert for that stock, the 5-day moving average must cross back above the 20-day moving average.

All alerts generated by this service are Donchian system alerts or R.C. Allen system alerts. That is, when the 5-day moving average crosses above the 20-day moving average a Donchian "Up Alert" is generated [displayed as "x-Up"]. When the 5-day moving average crosses below the 20-day moving average a "Dn Alert" is generated [displayed as "x-Dn"].  An R.C. Allen alert is generated when the 4-day moving average has crossed above the 9-day moving average and then the 9-day moving average crosses above the 18-day moving average, and so on.  The same notices are used for R.C. Allen alerts (see the sample below). These are "alerts," not buy and sell recommendations. We make no recommendations. An "alert" means only that a crossover has occurred. You should look at the overall pattern and determine if there is overhead resistance nearby (a negative for a potential buyer). That is, you should see if there is a problem with the pattern, or if there is some other reason to avoid the stock. Our algorithm cannot see what human eyes can see. It can only detect that here has been a crossover. You must decide whether or not to buy, sell, or hold.  The following is a small sample of an out-of-date portion of the 500-stock list generated after the close of each market day.  

If you are interested in the complete list of 500 stocks updated daily, it is available by subscription. For details, click on "Products & Prices" (third tab from the top on the left of your screen).  Look for "S&P500 Signals."  To test your system's ability to access and use the Excel spreadsheets click on Open Spreadsheet

NOTICE: This particular service is not available at this time.  The page still exists because we may use it in the future.  The link that brought you here is an old link recorded by a search engine when this service was available.  Visitors to our site have no links to this page.  See the explanation below the following table.

Donchian (5x20) & R.C. Allen (4x9x18) Signals for All Stocks In The S&P500                 Updated Mon p.m. After Close 
Company Symbol Close Volume Vol Ch% Donchian R.C. Allen
3M  MMM 142.82 2,956,269 41.2    
ABBOTT LABORATORIES ABT 39.27 3,981,075 -9.7    
ABBVIE ABBV.K 52.37 3,582,097 -28.5    
ACCENTURE CL A ACN 79.19 2,825,743 56.9    
ACE  ACE 102.97 814,189 -27.6    
ACTAVIS ACT 203.19 2,333,022 -9.6 X-Dn  
ADOBE SYSTEM ADBE 60.7 2,818,087 -21.9    
ADT  ADT 31.94 2,734,318 96.5    
AES  AES 14.01 3,556,513 -25.6   X-Dn
AETNA  AET 75.77 2,205,448 49.0    
AFLAC  AFL 63.34 1,375,203 37.0    
AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES A 56.41 2,035,138 58.0    
AGL RESOURCES GAS 52.34 756,565 0.4    
AIR PRODUCTS AND CHEMICALS APD 119.88 965,913 82.5    
AIRGAS ARG 106.55 694,825 64.8    
AKAMAI TECHNOLOGIES AKAM 53.43 1,866,773 27.6    
ALCOA  AA 13.81 20,123,318 111.4    
ALEXION PHARMACEUTICALS ALXN 161.1 1,271,617 15.3    
ALLEGHENY TECHNOLOGIES ATI 42.35 1,446,886 20.0    
ALLEGION ALLE.K 50.48 584,997 19.6    
ALLERGAN AGN 159.72 6,712,615 46.9    
ALLIANCE DATA SYSTEMS ADS 242.62 1,045,713 30.3    
ALLSTATE ALL 58.35 1,792,300 -30.0    
ALTERA ALTR 32.81 2,819,878 -1.4    
ALTRIA GROUP MO 40.37 4,960,792 0.6    
AMAZON COM AMZN 302.86 3,715,048 -8.6    
AMEREN AEE 38.75 2,809,872 -3.6    
AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER AEP 51.76 3,587,680 3.0 X-Dn  
AMERICAN EXPRESS AXP 89.66 2,317,629 -1.2    

We have found that there is much more interest in the Donchian and R.C. Allen alerts for our Master Watch List than for the stocks of the S&P500.  Also, that service is complementary to The Valuator.  The Valuiator defines our Master Watch List. The Valuator is a monthly publication, but the Donchian and R.C. Allen alerts for our Master Watch List covers the same stocks as The Valuator and the alerts are generated daily. 

Since we have limited resources, we decided to discontinue this service for now.  We think those who would subscribe to these alerts would just as soon subscribe to the alerts for our Master Watch List (which often includes more than 500 stocks).  At one time, The Valuator tracked only the 500 stocks in the S&P500.  Then stocks were dropped from the S&P500 by the managers of the Index and they were replaced with stocks that sometimes had very little trading history.  However, we correlate stock price history and the company's financial data over corresponding time periods when we create our custom-designed valuation models for the stocks tracked by The Valuator.  Therefore, when a high quality stock was replaced by a stock that had been trading for only two months, we chose not to change.  It was impossible to build our preferred valuation model for such stocks.  Sometimes there were mergers and stocks stopped trading as a result.  Since we could not develop good custom valuation models for some of the stocks that were dropped from the S&P500 Indes, we replaced them with stocks of particular interest to our traders and for which we could build a valuation model.  This process has been going on for many years now.  When we select a stock to be tracked by The Valuator, it is typically in very good financial shape, has a history of trading activity, has financial data (earnings, etc.) for many years, and is in an uptrend at the time of its inclusion.  Again, the stocks tracked by The Valuator are identical with those on our Master Watch List. 

We could not obtain the kind of valuation statistics we want for thousands of stocks because that kind of information is not available anywhere and we would have to gather the raw data and compute the desired metrics ourselves.  Doing that for thousands of stocks would be too demanding on our resources.  Therefore, we calculate those statistics only for the 500 stocks in our Master Watch List (the stocks in The Valuator).  The Donchian and R.C. Allen alerts for those stocks are therefore nice supplements to the information provided by The Valuator.

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