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The Valuator (Hard Copy Version)

The Valuator (Hard Copy Version)

The Valuator (Hard Copy Version)
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People have asked for past issues of The Valuator.  They may use the online version of The Valuator for several months and then they might want to research or test the effectiveness of a discipline or strategy.  To do so, they need the data from previous issues.  We do not keep a stockpile of extra copies to send out, but we do offer a hardcopy edition.  The hardcopy version cannot be sorted, but it does include lists of the top-ranked 42 stocks in each ranking category.  Therefore, the ability to do additional sorting may not be a big issue.  If you want to do additional sorting (beyond the top 42 stocks in each category), check out the online version.  It can be downloaded and sorted, though it also provides lists of the top-ranked 44 stocks in each ranking category (listed in rank order).  

Of course, you could print a hard copy from the online version.  However, using that procedure would result in at least 20 single-sided 8½" x 11" pages that would have to be hole-punched and fastened together in some way, because standard staples could not penetrate that many pages.  The result would be bulky and awkward to store.  Also, maintaining a reference library of past issues would require that you never forget to print your copy before it is replaced with the next issue.  It could be done, but there is a simpler way.

We have reformatted The Valuator so that all the data on its 500 or so stocks (20+ pages) is provided in a booklet of twenty-four 7" x 8½" pages.  The only thing we could not fit on the pages is the industry each company is in.  If you want to know what industry each company is in, consider the online version.  The Valuator booklet is thin, light, and easy to store.  If you subscribe to this version, you will get both the hard copy and access to the online version. 

To cut down on expenses, our policy is not to store supplies of past issues of the printed version for distribution to those who lose their copies, or to provide free samples. Also, we have no electronic archive of past issues. We urge people who want a backup, to make copies of the portions they want to be sure of retaining the data in the event a copy is lost. To get a sense of the layout of the publication, see the video and read the description you can access by clicking on he link to The Valuator on the left side of your screen from any page of this site.

This version is available only in the U.S. and Canada.

Before ordering, see our policies regarding automatic renewals, cancellations, and refund