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An order can get "hung" in the system and may not be forwarded to us.
(see the "Explanation" at the bottom of the page)

To make sure we are aware of your incoming order, send us the following code


It should already be entered in the small window provided below this paragraph.  All you have to do is to click on "Submit."  

However, if several orders arrive at the same time, we could connect the code to your order only if you add your name or e-mail address after the code [for example: "8IQN-1Yt6% Smith"].  If we receive the code by itself, we will be on the alert for an incoming order from anybody.  If we also have your name and e-mail address, we will be on the alert for your order.  Also, we will be able to contact you if there is a problem with your order.  Below, we explain why we may not be able to get your e-mail address from your order.  Without it, we would have to wait for you to contact us again.  That could result in a signiicant delay in your getting a password.  


Usually, we get a subscription order within minutes after it is submitted, and we respond within a few minutes or (if we are very busy) within a few hours.  However, we once received an e-mail from a new subscriber asking when he would get his password (this was a few days after he placed his order).  We had not received the order, even though our system had sent him a confirmation.  Once we were alerted, we were able to find the order in the system.  That should never happen, and we do not want it to happen again.  We have therefore created this alert system to notify us of an incoming order.  It is independent of the ordering system you used to place your order.  An alert sent from here will usually get to us in seconds while an order usually takes a little longer.  This should help us avoid "hung" orders.  We will not reply to your alert unless there is a problem.  We will just be on the lookout for your order.  We will, of course, reply to your order. 

Our system is as reliable as the best.  We just want to give you better service than is common with Internet transactions.  We try to do that by being on top of the situation if you have just submitted an order.  That way, if an order does not arrive when expected, we can quickly address any problems.  We want to avoid a situation where you are waiting for us to send you your password and we don't even know you have placed an order.

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