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Because we deliver all our products electronically (we consider both e-mail transmission and website access to our publications to be forms of electronic publication) they are especially vulnerable to piracy and electronic re-transmission.  We believe most piracy is committed unintentionally.  To clarify issues for people who might otherwise commit unintentional piracy, we require ALL customers to send us a "Promise & Affirmation" note when they place their order (we provide the required wording).  The "Promise & Affirmation" and the "Terms of Use" agreement are part of the form used to place an order on our site.  They are not lengthy and a click of a mouse is all that is necessary on these items if you do promise/agree.  When ordering by credit card, for example, the system will not forward the order to us unless the person placing the order agrees to the conditions and terms of the "Promise and Affirmation."  If a person bypasses the system and places his order without an acceptable "Promise and Affirmation," we will be forced to return his money less a processing fee (5% if he paid by credit card).  See Q&A number 6 for an explanation of how an extra charge might arise and how to avoid it.  We expect the name affixed to this promise to be the same as the person who is the only authorized user/subscriber.  Our products are also protected by copyright.   .

Q&A items 4, 5, and 6 give a more complete explanation.  Rather than refer you to that location, we have reproduced those items below..

4.  What's the "Promise and Affirmation" all about? 

We have cut prices well below our normal rates, and we are therefore operating on thin margins.  Each order is extremely important to us.  The real problem we face is cheating or stealing.  We base our whole operation on trust.  We can’t afford to get beat up in the marketplace because our customers send free copies of our products to friends.  If people are not honest with us, we will either have to go out of business or significantly increase our prices.  Some people think that because they send a copy of our product to only one friend, it cannot make much difference, but it does.  Every paying customer counts for us.  Our company is not a big conglomerate.  We are a very small but dedicated operation.  We have been producing The Valuator in hard copy for over 26 years.  Even though we are small, we are not fly-by-night.  You might call the electronic provision of our products an experiment.  It enables us to be more efficient and to pass significant savings on to our customers.  We are trying to do just that, but we need your help to succeed at it.  We must adapt to survive.  If we have to print on paper, our delivery will be slower, and our prices might be more than double what they are now.  Instead of sending free copies to a friend, why not tell the friend how useful the product is and recommend it?  That’s the way the system is supposed to work.  (Please read #s 5 & 6)

5.  Why do you require customers to promise they will not forward or otherwise send your products to another person?  Won’t they do it anyway?

We believe that people are essentially honest and that most cheating occurs when people do not really think about what they are doing.  They do not think of the fact that they are stealing something that is ours in order to give it to a friend.  Only the customer has a right to use our product.  The customer does not own the copyright.  The copy they send to a friend is a stolen copy.  Sending a copy to a friend is similar to going to a magazine rack, paying for a copy of Money magazine, and then stealing an extra copy to give to a neighbor.  Our requirement that a customer agree to the "Promise and Affirmation" is intended to focus attention on the issue and to cause our customers to commit to being honest with us.  Making such a promise and affirmation will mean something to honest people.

6.  Have you experienced piracy?

Our articles have been stolen repeatedly by other websites, notices of our authorship have been removed (replaced with the other site's "staff"), links back to this site have been removed, and copyright notices have been ignored. It is virtually impossible for such sites to not know the place of origin, since entering the title of any of our articles in a Google search will show hundreds of cases where authorship and place of origin are clearly stated. This "Promise and Affirmation" will mean something to honest people, but it will mean little to a thief.   However, the "Promise and Affirmation" can also be used to defend our interests against such people if the need arises.   It can serve as one more piece of evidence in a court of law. 

The word "pirate" has romantic or adventurous connotations for some people. However, a "pirate" is a common thief who steals software, articles, or other products of a person's labor, depriving the original creator of compensation for his creative efforts. The pirate does not create anything himself. He just steals the benefit of another person’s labors.  

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