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1. A free daily list of high-momentum stocks is at Momentum List   2. A free daily list of stocks with high Relative Strength is at High RSI Stocks   3. A free list of stocks having a surge in volume is at Volume Surges   4. A free list of what we call "Hot Stocks" is at Hot Stocks   6. Free interactive stock charting is at Charts.

This site has tutorials, lists of stocks having price and volume surges, reversals, breakouts,setups, strongest 50 ETFs, stock alerts, stock scanners, ETF signals and momentum alerts.  We also have, stop loss information, a Market Review, and the readings of numerous indicators. StockAlerts (that finds stocks in "setup" patterns that often appear before a price surge, Bollinger Band squeeze breakouts, and other alert situations), and The Valuator (with its valuations, flag alerts, & follow-ups on about 500 stocks).  Take your time and browse the site.

See how we use "setups" to maximize our profit potential with our scanner reports

For information about the chart below and other charts, go to the "Home" page.

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Major concepts, indicators, and tools covered at this website

Home Page
Market Review and Indicator Status Report. Included in the report are Interest rate spread, McClellan Oscillator, Summation Index, Market Bias, Money Flow, Stochastic Oscillator, Chaiken Advance/Decline, Chaiken Volatility Indicator, Volatility Index, VIX, Chande Momentum Oscillator, MACD, resistances, supports. Taken together, these indicators can paint a general profile of the condition of the market and enable you to adjust your strategy in accordance with the market's near-term outlook. The charts of all the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average are posted here. An R.C. Allen system perspective of the market is also here (with its "buy" and "sell" signals).  Latest readings for the stochastic oscillator, Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO), Chaiken Money Flow, CCI, SAR, Interest Rate Spread, Market Volatility Index or "VIX," Relative Volatility Index, and the Donchian trading system. This page also has data from some of our scanners.

Earnings Reports Due
Company Earnings Reports To Be Released The Next Day Market Day. This is a list of U.S. traded companies that have confirmed that they will be reporting.

Charts & Quotes
This interactive chart delivers real-time data. It is not necessary to refresh the page to see the latest quote. All market data is automatically updated through the most recent trade. All major browsers on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows are supported.

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View Google's Data
This hyperlink on the Home page is a "convenience link" to outside information. You Can Get Historical Data, Research, SEC Filings, Analyst Estimates, Blog Posts, discussions, events, resources, and financials.

The lower portion of this page gives illustrations of setups, patterns that often occur just before a price surge.  The top part of this page, describes the stock signals or alerts of R.C. Allen's triple moving average crossover strategy and our subscription service for reports in which stocks with a "signal" are listed. We scan thousands of stocks and report on those that have generated a "signal."  However, the lists we report are ranked in the order of the magnitude of the volume surge that occurred on the day of the alert, and only the top 100 are reported for subscribers (fewer if there are not that many generating an alert).  The "buy" and "sell" signals we post are not recommendations by us that you buy or sell anything. They are merely reports of the up or down crossovers of the moving averages specified by the R.C. Allen system.  Just because a crossover has occurred for a stock does not make it a good investment. It is up to you to do your own independent research and make your own evaluation of any stock before purchasing it.

Stock Scanner
There are more than 6 stock scanners on this website. The purpose of this particular scanner is to help you find stocks that are just beginning a new trend. It scans thousands of stocks using 6 dual moving average crossover systems with a spectrum of sensitivity levels, looking for crossover events in either direction. It generates an alert for each crossover, names the stock and gives its symbol, identifies the two moving averages that have crossed, identifies the direction of the crossover, gives price and volume surge information, and provides a Relative Strength (RSI) measurement. We use dual moving average crossovers in order to maintain the detection sensitivity of the scanner while avoiding the large number of meaningless signals that usually occur when those signals are generated by the crossing of the closing price and a moving average. The system is like a finely woven fishing net that is cast in the sea. Instead of catching fish, it catches most emerging trends early in their development. In addition, we include a volume surge filter that reduces the odds of a whipsaw as well as several measurements that can be used for the same purpose.

Momentum Scan
Alerts focus on price momentum surges. These, especially if accompanied by volume surges, often precede a significant and sustained move. The top 100 stocks from our momentum scan are listed along with volume data.  This is a free list.

Strongest ETFs
Our reports list the strongest 50 ETFs in rank order. Strategies & ways to build an ETF portfolio based on these lists are explained. Our strength rank algorithm (the same one used by The Valuator) goes far beyond the simple RSI used at many websites. The RSI will rank many stocks highly even when they have a terrible pattern context. They may have heavy resistance nearby, the high ranking may be due to a price surge that fits within the stock's "noise" pattern, or the stock may have had a minor rebound within an overall downtrend that remains intact. Our strength algorithm eliminates much of the "junk" that the RSI "thinks" is so wonderful. It finds the strongest of what's available in the universe it searches.

Volume Surges
We screen for volume surges, and the list is free. This scanner looks at volume surges without regard to price changes. Many investors are interested in such stocks because the volume surge often precedes a price surge. The greater the surge in volume, the more likely it is that price will follow. This scanner report ranks stocks by the magnitude of their volume surge.

ETF Signals
Our algorithms generate alerts for four moving averages (30-day, 50-day, 100-day, 150-day). In addition, alerts are generated for Donchian signals (when the 5-day moving average crosses the 20-day moving average. For example, a cross by the 5-day moving average of the closing price from below to above the 30-day moving average will result in the generation of a "30-Up" alert. A cross by the 5-day moving average of the closing price from above to below the 30-day moving average will result in the generation of a "30-Dn" alert. The 5-day average is used for crossovers to reduce false signals. The alerts are intended to draw attention to the fact that the crossover condition has been met. We also include an RSI measurement that can be useful in reducing the probability that a selection will "whipsaw" or reverse course immediately to generate the opposite signal.

Strongest Stocks
We find and list the strongest 100 stocks in rank order.  The above link will take you to the page where examples are shown. A strategy for building a portfolio based on these lists is illustrated. The strength rank algorithm used for this service is identical to the one used for The Valuator, and it is far superior to the relatively simplistic RSI used at many websites (The RSI is a quick and easy upload from data vendors. Most website operators do very little or no original research, and very few invest time and energy in the development of screening algorithms). The RSI can rank stocks highly even if they have a terrible pattern context. Our strength algorithm finds stocks with the strongest chart patterns.

Breakouts and Surges
This algorithm searches for a variety of patterns. For example, it might find an inverted head-and-shoulders pattern that has just had an upside breakout through the neckline. On the other hand, it might find a stock that has just had a surge in price and volume. Sometimes a stock found will have had a breakout a week before and the current "alert" looks belated. However, the alert may be the result of something else (a new gap up on a surge in volume, for example) and not be related in any way to the conditions that generated the earlier alert. This is for people who are experienced at interpreting chart patterns. If you need lines drawn on a chart and patterns explained to you before you can see them, this subscription is not for you.

Notes to visitors and subscribers, information about the timing of website updates, new features and content changes are posted here.

Free Tutorials
Here is where you can find free tutorials on trading strategies, stock investment, investment strategy, systems & tactics of buying and selling, stop-loss strategies, charts & indicators, support & resistance.

Product List
First, you get a very brief description of the product and its price. If you click on "More info," you get a more complete description and an image of the product. You can visit this area and poke around without apprehension. You won't be "tricked" into committing to a purchase without knowing it. If you do order, the place where you enter personal information is secure.

This section of the website requires a password for entry to the subscriber reports. Subscribers to The Valuator can download a spreadsheet that can be sorted and they have access other information. Subscribers to StockAlerts get lists of stocks that have triggered various alert systems (they can get both "up" and "down" alerts).  

Volatility Stop Losses

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