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Our Shipping and Refund Information

Refunds And Other Policies
of Stock Disciplines, a.k.a., a.k.a. Stock Disciplines, LLC
hereinafter referred to as "We" or "Stock Disciplines"

We do not levy shipping charges, handling fees, or other fees related to processing and filling an order.  However, we do charge a little if we have to refund a fee paid by credit card (see below).

 We "deliver" our products as follows.  
 1.  The Valuator is available in The "Subscribers Only" section of the Web site.  Some information is immediately viewable when you enter the section dedicated to The Valuator.  The spreadsheet is available by clicking on a link.  The Valuator's eight lists of its top 44 ranked stocks for lowest PE ratio, lowest PEG ratio, highest dividend yield, and so on, are also available by clicking on a link.
 2.  Lists for the Stock-Scanner, StockAlerts, Strongest Stocks, Strongest ETFs, and all other subscriptions are viewable on the site.  Subscribers may copy or print the alert lists for their own use.
 3.  Stops is downloaded from the site.  We do not send copies on a CD.  You must have Microsoft's Excel 2007 or later on your computer in order to use it.      

Even though all of our products are delivered electronically (as described above), for legal, service, and communication reasons we do require you to provide your name, physical address, postal code, e-mail address, and telephone number. This information is required as part of the ordering process.  If you have any concerns about how this information will be used, please click on the "Privacy/Security" tab on the navigation bar and read our "Privacy/Security" information.  Also read our "Terms of Use" Agreement.   


Unless there is a system failure or some other circumstance that interrupts normal procedure, the site is updated each market day after the market closes.  These updates include comments, charts, indicators, and reports for subscribers.  However, when the market closes early we may not perform updates.  Usually on such days volume is quite low and little of significance occurs.  It is not a good use of our resources to keep staff on the job when price and volume changes virtually never result in a significant change in outlook from the previous day. Therefore we will not always update the site or generate new subscriber reports on shortened days.  For example, we may not update on the Friday after Thanksgiving day (traders and investors have taken off for an extended weekend).  Similarly, we may not update on the day before Christmas (another shortened day when volume is quite low and many have left the market early to start an extended vacation).  However, in the unlikely event that volume is high or indexes make a move of 1% or more, we are likely to update and run the algorithms to generate new reports for subscribers.   


When a person subscribes, the fees we charge are based on the fee schedule current at the time he subscribes. We do not charge what we would consider "normal" fees for our services. We know of no other sites that provide services similar to ours, so it is difficult to determine what a "normal" fee would be.  Our extensive experience in the financial services industry and our recent survey lead us to conclude that "normal" fees would be about four times the amount we charge, and that many charge much more than that.  Because our fees are so low, we have to be very careful about expenses.  It costs us to process credit card transactions.  For example, we pay several fees for a credit card transaction.  We are charged a fee called a "discount rate."  There are also "gateway" fees and bank service fees.  We totaled the payments made by credit card for a month and the costs of processing those payments.  The costs totaled a little over 6.18% of the amount paid.  Processing a refund through the credit card company would cost another 6.18% or more.  When a person pays in advance for a 1-year subscription or license, we are happy to absorb the fees associated with the transaction.  However, if we give the money back, we would like to be reimbursed for some of those expenses as explained in the following section.   Absorbing all costs when money is refunded would not be a problem if we were charging four times as much for our services.

Cancellation and Refund Policies. 

We do not argue with a person who wants to terminate a subscription service. We do not try to talk a person out of cancelling a service or into subscribing to a different service. We may suggest that a different subscription might be more suitable, but we do not wait for a customer to respond to a suggested change before we begin to act on a person's cancellation request.  We assume that a cancellation request means that a person wants to stop a service, not switch to another service or debate the issue.

If within the first 15 days of a subscription we must process a refund, we deduct 5% of the original fee paid by the customer (For example, if a customer has paid a $100 fee, we will write a refund check for $95).  In order to avoid additional expenses, we pay all refunds by check. After the first 15 days, refunds will be based on the unused portion of a subscription as of the day following our receipt of a candellation notice.  For example, if a person has paid $100 for a subscription and 50% of the subscrition is unused the day after we receive a cancellation notice, we will refund $50 - $5 = $45.  When we issue a refund, 5% of the original subscription fee is deducted from the calculated refund amount.  

For more than 7½ years, we have offered a full refund (minus the 5% charge) for those who cancelled within the first 15 days of service.  Only 9.055% of our subscribers took us up on the offer.  90.9% continued beyond the 15-day trial period.

Repeated Cancellations  

Our system will not accept orders from a person who repeatedly cancels and then places a new order.  Repeatedly procesing orders for subscriptions that are then cancelled is time consuming and costly for us.  A person who wants to try a different service should simply ASK to be switched.  That saves time and money.  If a person tries to place an order after he has cancelled twice, his order will be blocked and he will get a screen that explains what to do to place an order that will be accepted.  Basically he will have to agree not to cancel again.  If our system does not accept an order from a person, and the person tries to get around the system by sending a check or money order, his order will still be blocked and the payment will be returned.  The bottom line is that if you are unhappy with a service, and you think you might prefer another one, ask to be switched to the alternative rather than cancel.  Use the "cancel" option only if you are sure you have no interest in any alternatives. 


Stops uses two completely independent timing mechanisms in order to facilitate our own need for security and also a customer's desire for a trial period.  The tool will automatically shut down if new valid codes are not entered after the trial period.   

For first-time users, refunds are available any time within 15 days beginning with the first day of the license period.  If there is a cancellation during the first 15 days, the amount refunded will equal the amount of the original license fee minus 5%.  First-time users of Stops are provided with temporary "Operational Codes" that will enable the tool to function for the first 15 days of the license term.  If there is no cancellation by the end of the 15th day, we will automatically send new codes for the remainder of the license period.  There are no refunds after this set of codes has been sent, whether they have been received or not.  That is because there is no way for us to turn stops off once a person has both the tool and valid Operational Codes.  See the License Agreement for details about the trial period.  To see the license Agreement, click on Agreement

Use the yellow "This Site Is Secure" link below for information about credit card security and for other information pertaining to security and privacy.


Because we deliver all our products electronically, they are especially susceptible to piracy.  We believe most people are honest and that piracy is committed unintentionally.  To clarify issues for people who might otherwise commit unintentional piracy, we require ALL customers to send us a "Promise & Affirmation" statement.  This statement is incorporated in the order form a customer submits when ordering by credit card.  If a person pays by check or money order, the "Promise and Affirmation" is still a requirement.  Before we give access to ANY product paid for by check or money order, we must receive a "Promise and Affirmation" to which the customer has affixed his or her name (a typed name is acceptable).  Without this promise, we will not give access to the product.  For information regarding this requirement, please click on the word "NOTICE" that heads this paragraph.


This Site Is Secure    


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