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The Following Table Lists The Stocks We Rank For Strength
In Our Strong Dividend Stocks Program 

The following list was constructed 5/19/2014 with data provided by TDAmeritrade's "ThinkorSwim" platform. We believe the data is accurate, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy, nor will we assume responsibility for its accuracy.  You will note that some listings do not identify the industry of the company.  That is because TDAmeritrade's database did not provide the information.

When we run our strength algorithm on this list and post the results, symbols and names may be slightly different because we use different data vendors for our raw data. For example, TROX may appear as TROX.K The extender ".K" merely indicates it is listed on the NYSE. ".O" is often used for Nasdaq stocks. The name may vary a little also, and for the same reason. For example, "BOSTON PROP INC" may appear as "BOSTON PROPERTIES REIT."

In constructing this list, we first found 75 utilities that paid 2% or more in dividend yield per year. Then we combined that list with all the stocks in The Valuator (501), all the stocks in the S&P500 (500), and all the stocks in the S&P400 (400) that had a dividend yield of at least 2%. At the time this list was assembled, 100% of the stocks listed had an annual dividend yield of at least 2%.  By the time you read this, 2% might seem to be a very low dividend-yield.  However, we created this list of stocks in an environment of very low interest rates.  At this time ten-year treasuries are yielding 2.518% and the 13-week treasury bill returns .15%.  If interest rates are higher when you read this, the dividend yields of stocks are likely to be higher as well.  Also, the 2% figure was the minimum requirement for a stock making the list.  The stocks listed here may no longer be in The Valuator, the S&P500, or the S&P400 by the time you see this, but that will not have any bearing on whether or not they are listed here.


There is no guarantee that any of these companies will be paying dividends in the future, or that you will obtain any benefit from investing in them. Companies will change their dividends. If the amount of dividend paid is important to you, check before making any purchases. A company that looks strong today may go bankrupt tomorrow. Our lists are NOT recommendations to buy or sell ANY securities. We merely post tables showing how various stocks rank according to our strength algorithm. It will be up to you to decide whether or not a stock is a suitable investment for your investment objectives and tolerance for risk. Because a stock is highly ranked by our algorithm is no guarantee that a company is sound financially, that you will avoid a loss, or that you will obtain a profit. Investing in the market involves risk, and there is no system or strategy that can guarantee that you will make a profit or that you will avoid a loss. We NEVER make investment recommendations. Whether to buy or sell anything is your own decision, and yours alone. If you need advice, consult a registered investment advisor or broker. Read our "Terms of Use" before subscribing to anything.  They may be accessed by clicking on Terms of Use or by clicking on the "Terms of Use" link of the navigation menu on the left side of your screen.