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A "Bottle In the Ocean" Experiment

This Page Is A "Bottle" Tossed Into The Sea

A Little Experiment

In one sense, a Web site is like a bottle tossed into the ocean with a note in it.  No one can be sure who will find it or where it will go.  A given individual may never be aware of let alone actually visit a Web site associated with a friend or acquaintance.  For example, out of the more than 100,000,000 Web sites on the Internet, how many have you visited where you have actually known or met someone associated with the site?  That a friend or acquaintance will find and click on the link you have just found is even less likely an event than finding this Web site, because it is tucked away on a single sub-page of one site among many millions. 

The Message of this "Bottle"

If you are a past client or trainee, if Dr. Felt ever had you as a student, if you are a past or present friend or school acquaintance of any of the officers, employees, members, or traders associated with this Web site,  please use the following link to let us know you have found this "bottle."  Be sure to indicate your geographical location and the context of any relationship when you write.  So that your message will not be filtered out as SPAM, enter the words "I found the bottle" for the subject. 

As we make our short journey along the shores of time, we leave footprints in the sand that testify we have come this way, and that we have stood in this place.  Soon, we and our footprints will be swept away.  At one time our paths met, and we walked for a while along the same shore.  Please ... if this little "bottle" finds you, don't ignore it.  Don't leave this site without saying "Hi."

We wonder ... where will this little bottle drift, and who will find it?  

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