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All Reports Are Now Issued Daily

As we explained in a previous notice, it takes a long time for even a fast computer to make the calculations of a complex algorithm on each stock in a very long list of stocks, and we have to run 14 algorithms.  At first. we had to issue some reports weekly rather than daily (we could not complete the reports in a reasonable amount of time if they were all run daily).  However, we did finally succeed in developing a procedure by which we could publish all reports daily.  There were also problems with getting all the calculated data posted on the site without "squeezing" the tables too much or forcing a viewer to scroll to the right of the screen in order to view it all.  

Many of our reports previously had one column that the other reports did not have, but we did not consider any of those extra columns to be essential.  It was calculating the data for the non-essential columns that appeared in only a few reports that forced repeated scans of the database (and it is the time it takes to scan thousands of stocks with sophisticated algorithms that forced us to issue some reports on a weekly rather than daily basis).  We decided it was better to issue our reports daily than to provide interesting but non-essential data.  Since we did not consider those columns to be providing information critical to the reports they were included in, we removed them (thereby reducing the calculating load placed on our system).

Not all the information provided in our reports is included under the headings we display in the reports.    For example, the "Strongest Stocks" list ranks stocks according to their "persistent strength," and the calculation is not displayed in any column.  Stocks are simply ranked in the order of their measured "persistent strength."  [the actual numbers would be meaningless to a subscriber, and providing them would add no extra information]  There are several conditions that cause a stock to be reported in the "Breakouts" lists, but the specific conditions that result in a particular stock being listed are not reported.  Instead, stocks listed are ranked according to the percentage change in volume (already provided in most reports).  The percentage change in volume that occurs is often a good indication of the importance of the "breakout."  Thus, when it was necessary to make a choice, we decided that the change in volume that occurred when the alert was generated was far more important information than giving the breakout a name.  Also, since the subscriber would have to look at the chart anyway, we concluded that the reason for the alert would be self-evident.  In other words, the stocks on some of our lists may satisfy some specific alert condition but they may not be ranked by that condition.  Instead, they are ranked according to how much the volume surged.  Here is another example.  Suppose there are 15 stocks that have generated an R.C. Allen crossover alert.  Here the alert is given but it makes more sense to rank them by volume surge data rather than try to rank the "quality" of the R.C. Allen crossovers.  Volume tells the story. 

The ETF reports and StockAlerts reports remain unchanged. 

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