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Latest ETF Additions to Our Database

We added the following to our ETF database.  [Extenders--".K" and no extender mean NYSE, ".O" means Nasdaq, ".PK" means Pink Sheets, ".TO" means Toronto Stock Exchange]

Advisorshares Newflet Mul Sec MINC.K
Advisorshares Ranger Eqy Bear HDGE.K
Alps Alerian Mlp AMLP.K
Alps Intl Sector Dividend Dogs IDOG.K
Alps Sector Dividend Dogs SDOG.K
Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield GYLD.K
Barrons 400 BFOR.K
Brp Sub Vot DOO.TO
Cambria Shareholder Yield SYLD.K
Cdn West Bank CWB.TO
Charles Schwab Us Mc SCHM.K
Charles Schwab Us Reit SCHH.K
Crosswinds Holdings CWI.TO
Deutsch X Trk Msci Jpn Hdg Eqy DBJP.K
Deutsch X Trks Msci Eafe Hdg Eqy DBEF.K
Dir Daily 20+ Year Trsry Bull 3x TMF
Dir Daily 7-10 Yr Trsry Bull 3x TYD
Dir Daily Nat Gas Rel Bea 3x Shs GASX.K
Dir Daily Nat Gas Rel Bul 3x Shs GASL.K
Direxion Brazil Bear 3x Shares BRZS.K
Direxion Brazil Bull 3x Shares BRZU.K
Direxion Dail Retail Bull 3x Shs RETL.K
Direxion Daily Dvp Mrkts Bull 3x DZK
Direxion Daily Gold Minrs Bul 3x NUGT.K
Direxion Daily Mid Cap Bull 3x MIDU.K
Direxion Daily Rssia Bull 3x Shs RUSL.K
Direxion Daily Russia Br 3x Shs RUSS.K
Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3x SPXS.K
Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bull 3x SPXL.K
Direxion Daily Techno Bull 3x TECL.K
Direxion Daily Technology Ber 3x TECS.K
Direxion Dly Ftse Chna Ber 3x YANG.K
Direxion Dly Ftse Chna Bul 3x YINN.K
Direxion Dly Ltn Amr Bull 3x Shs LBJ
Direxion Nasdaq 100 Eql Wght Idx QQQE.K
Direxion Semiconductor Bear 3x SOXS.K
Direxion Semiconductor Bull 3x SOXL.K
Direxn Daily Gld Min Bear 3x Shs DUST.K
Direxn Daily India Bul 3x Shares INDL.K
Diversified Royalty DIV.TO
Dividend Growth Split Cl A DGS.TO
Dollarama DOL.TO
Drxn Daily Healthcre Bull 3x Shs CURE.K
Egshares Beyond Brics BBRC.K
Egshares Emerging Markets Consu ECON.K
Eldorado Gold ELD.TO
Endeavour Mining EDV.TO
Epsilon Energy EPS.TO
Etracs Mt Py 2xlv Dj Int Rl Est RWXL.K
F Trust Small Cap Core Alphadex FYX
Fiera Capital FSZ.TO
First Nickel FNI.TO
First Point Minerals FPX.TO
First Tr Asi Pac Ex Jap Alphadex FPA
First Tr Cons Dscrtnry Alphadex FXD
First Tr Consumr Stapls Alphadex FXG
First Tr Indl Prod Drbl Alphadex FXR
First Tr Lrg Cp Grw Alphadex FTC
First Tr Lrg Cp Val Alphadex FTA
First Tr Mid Cap Growth Alphadex FNY
First Tr Nas 100 Eql Weghtd Indx QQEW
First Tr Nas 100 Eql Weghtd Indx QQEW.O
First Tr Nasdaq Tech Div Idx TDIV
First Tr Nasdaq Tech Div Idx TDIV.O
First Trst Stoxx Eur Sel Dvd Inc FDD
First Tru Emerging Mark Alphadex FEM
First Trust Dj Sel Microcap Indx FDM
First Trust Energy Alphadex FXN
First Trust Europe Alphadex FEP
First Trust Financials Alphadex FXO
First Trust Germany Alphadex FGM
First Trust Global Wind Energy FAN
First Trust Health Care Alphadex FXH
First Trust Hong Kong Alphadex FHK
First Trust Ipox-100 Index FPX
First Trust Ise Chindia Index FNI
First Trust Ise Water Index FIW
First Trust Lrge Cap Core Apadex FEX
First Trust Materials Alphadex FXZ
First Trust Mid Cap Cre Alphadex FNX
First Trust North American Energ EMLP.K
First Trust Nyse Arca Biotech Id FBT
First Trust Preferred Sec Income FPE
First Trust S&P Reit Index FRI
First Trust Switz Alphadex FSZ
First Trust Tactical High Yield HYLS
First Trust Tactical High Yield HYLS.O
First Trust Technology Alphadex FXL
First Trust Uk Alphadex FKU
First Trust Utilities Alphadex FXU
First Tst Nasdaq Clean Ed Id QCLN
First Tst Nasdaq Clean Ed Id QCLN.O
Flexsh Mngst Emr Mkt Fctr Tl Idx TLTE.K
Flexsh Mrngst Dev Mkt Ex Us Fctr TLTD.K
Flexshares Iboxx 3 Yr Tips Idx TDTT.K
Flexshares Intl Qty Div Index IQDF.K
Flexshares Morningstar Us Idx TILT.K
Flexshares Qual Div QDF
Flexshares Upstream Natural Idx GUNR.K
Flexshs Intl Qty Div Def Indx IQDE.K
Fst Ast Prvncl Bnd Idx Com Unt PXF.TO
Fst Quantum Min FM.TO
Fst Tst Dow Jns Glbl Sel Dvd Idx FGD
Ft Eme Market Small Cap Alphadex FEMS.K
Ft Multi Asset Diversif Inc Idx MDIV
Ft Multi Asset Diversif Inc Idx MDIV.O
Gggm Blltshs 2014 Hgh Yld Crp Bd BSJE.K
Gggm Blltshs 2015 Hgh Yld Crp Bd BSJF.K
Global X Ftse Greece 20 GREK.K
Global X Guru Index GURU.K
Global X Mlp Energy Infrastruct MLPX.K
Global X Mlp MLPA.K
Global X Silver Miners SIL
Global X Social Media Index SOCL
Global X Social Media Index SOCL.O
Global X Southeast Asia ASEA.K
Global X Superdividend SDIV.K
Global X Superdividend Us DIV
Global X Superincome Preferred SPFF.K
Global X Uranium URA
Guggenheim Bllshs 2014 Corp Bnd BSCE.K
Guggenheim Bllshs 2015 Corp Bnd BSCF.K
Guggenheim Bllshs 2016 Corp Bnd BSCG.K
Guggenheim Bllshs 2017 Corp Bnd BSCH.K
Guggenheim Bulletshares 2016 BSJG.K
Guggenheim Bulletshares 2017 BSJH.K
Guggenheim Bulletshares 2018 BSJI.K
Guggenheim Bultsh 2018 Corp Bond BSCI.K
Guggenheim Bultsh 2019 Corp Bond BSCJ.K
Guggenheim Bultsh 2020 Corp Bond BSCK.K
Guggenheim Defensive Equity DEF
Guggenheim Frontier Markets FRN
Guggenheim Mid Cap Core CZA
Guggenheim Multi Asset Income CVY
Guggenheim Rymd James Sb-1 Eqty RYJ
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal We Cons RHS
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal We Tech RYT
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Wei Eng RYE
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Wei Fin RYF
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Wei Uti RYU
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weig Hc RYH
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight RGI
Guggenheim S&P 500 Pure Value RPV
Guggenheim S&P Midcap 400 Pure RFG
Guggenheim S&P Smallcap 600 Pure RZV
Guggenheim Short Duration GSY
Guggenheim Spin Off CSD
Highland Iboxx Senior Loan SNLN.K
Hyduke Energy Services HYD.TO
Iq Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker QAI
Ishare Shrt Dur Hgh Inc Cad Unt CSD.TO
Ishares 0-5 Year Tips Bond STIP.K
Ishares 10+ Year Credit Bond CLY
Ishares 10-20 Year Tsury Bond TLH
Ishares 3 Year Intl Tr Bnd ISHG
Ishares 3 Year Intl Tr Bnd ISHG.O
Ishares 3-7 Year Trery Bond IEI
Ishares Aaa A Rated Cor Bond QLTA.K
Ishares Agency Bond AGZ
Ishares Aggressive Allocation AOA
Ishares Asia 50 AIA
Ishares Calif Amt Free Muni CMF
Ishares Conservative Alloc AOK
Ishares Core High Dividend HDV
Ishares Core Long Term Usd Bond ILTB.K
Ishares Core Msci Eafe IEFA.K
Ishares Core Msci Emerging IEMG.K
Ishares Core Msci Total Inter IXUS.K
Ishares Core Short Term Usd Bond ISTB.K
Ishares Core Us Treasury Bond GOVT.K
Ishares Emerg Mrts Local Cur LEMB.K
Ishares Emerging Markets Div DVYE.K
Ishares Emerging Markets High EMHY.K
Ishares Floating Rate Bond FLOT.K
Ishares Global Consumer Discre RXI
Ishares Global Consumer Stap KXI
Ishares Global Ex High Bond HYXU.K
Ishares Global Financials IXG
Ishares Global High Corp Bond GHYG.K
Ishares Global Industrials EXI
Ishares Global Tech IXN
Ishares Global Telecom IXP
Ishares Global Utilities JXI
Ishares Growth Allocation AOR
Ishares India 50 INDY
Ishares India 50 INDY.O
Ishares Industrials Bond ENGN.K
Ishares International Dev Rl Est IFGL
Ishares International Dev Rl Est IFGL.O
Ishares International Prf IPFF.K
Ishares International Sel Div IDV
Ishares International Trsry Bnd IGOV
Ishares International Trsry Bnd IGOV.O
Ishares Mbs MBB
Ishares Moderate Allocation AOM
Ishares Morn Mlti Ass Inc Ind IYLD.K
Ishares Morn Small Cap Value JKL
Ishares Morng Mid Cap Value JKI
Ishares Morningstar Large Cap JKD
Ishares Morningstar Mid Cap JKG
Ishares Mort Real Estate Cap REM
Ishares Mrnstar Lrg Cap Grw JKE
Ishares Msci Al Cry Wrld Min ACWV.K
Ishares Msci All Peru Capped EPU
Ishares Msci Cap Invest Mkt Idx EIRL.K
Ishares Msci China MCHI.K
Ishares Msci Eafe Min Volat EFAV.K
Ishares Msci Emer Small Cap EEMS.K
Ishares Msci Europe Financials EUFN
Ishares Msci Europe Financials EUFN.O
Ishares Msci Frontier 100 FM
Ishares Msci Glo Gold Miners RING.K
Ishares Msci Global Agri Prod VEGI.K
Ishares Msci Global Silr Min SLVP.K
Ishares Msci India Index INDA.K
Ishares Msci India Small Cap SMIN.K
Ishares Msci Indonesia EIDO.K
Ishares Msci Israel Capped EIS
Ishares Msci Kld 400 Social Indx DSI
Ishares Msci Markets Min Vol EEMV.K
Ishares Msci Philippines EPHE.K
Ishares Msci Poland Capped EPOL.K
Ishares Msci Russia Capped ERUS.K
Ishares Msci Usa Esg Select KLD
Ishares Msci Usa Min Volility USMV.K
Ishares Msci Usa Momentum Factor MTUM.K
Ishares Msci Usa Quality Factor QUAL.K
Ishares Msci Usa Value Factor VLUE.K
Ishares Nationl Amt Free Muni MUB
Ishares New York Amt Mun Bond NYF
Ishares Nyse Composite NYC
Ishares Phlx Semiconductor SOXX
Ishares Phlx Semiconductor SOXX.O
Ishares Resi Real Estate Cap REZ
Ishares Russell Top 200 Growth IWY
Ishares Shor Term Nal Amt Fre SUB
Ishares Target Date 2015 TZE
Ishares Target Date 2020 TZG
Ishares Target Date 2025 TZI
Ishares Target Date 2030 TZL
Ishares Target Date 2035 TZO
Ishares Target Date 2040 TZV
Ishares Targt Date Retire Inc TGR
Ishares Total Us Stock Market ITOT.K
Ishares Us Consumer Goods IYK
Ishares Us Financials IYF
Ishares Us Industrials IYJ
Ishares Us Insurance IAK
Kraneshares Csi China Internet KWEB
Kraneshares Csi China Internet KWEB.O
Market Vect High Yield Muni Indx HYD
Market Vectors Africa AFK
Market Vectors Bdc Income BIZD.K
Market Vectors Biotech BBH
Market Vectors China Amc Cl A PEK
Market Vectors Egypt Index EGPT.K
Market Vectors Gulf States MES
Market Vectors India Sma Cap In SCIF.K
Market Vectors Indonesia Index IDX
Market Vectors Interm Mun Ind ITM
Market Vectors Intl Hi Yld Bd IHY
Market Vectors Morngtr Wde Mot MOAT.K
Market Vectors Oil Services OIH
Market Vectors Pharmaceutical PPH
Market Vectors Pref Sec Ex Fin PFXF.K
Market Vectors Retail RTH
Market Vectors Russia Small Cap RSXJ.K
Market Vectors Semiconductor SMH
Market Vectors Unco Oil & Gas FRAK.K
Market Vectors Vietnam Tc VNM
Maxis Nikkei 225 Index NKY
Mkt Vector Emer Mkt Hi Yld Bd HYEM.K
Neuberger Berman Mlp Incom NML
New Millennium Iron NML.TO
Nexpoint Credit Strategie NHF
Peritus High Yield HYLD.K
Pimco 0-5 Year High Yld Bnd Idx HYS
Pimco 1-5 Year Us Tips Index STPZ.K
Pimco 25yr Zero Cupn Us Trs Indx ZROZ.K
Pimco 7-15 Yr Us Treasury Index TENZ.K
Pimco Australia Bond Index AUD
Pimco Enhanced Shrt Maturty Actv MINT.K
Pimco Intrmediate Muni Bond Actv MUNI.K
Pimco Invest Grade Corp Bnd Idx CORP.K
Pimco Total Return Active BOND.K
Powersh Califor Amt Fre Muni Bnd PWZ
Powershares 1 30 Laddered Trsury PLW
Powershares Buyback Achievers PKW
Powershares Cef Inc Composite Pf PCEF.K
Powershares Chinese Yuan Dim Sum DSUM.K
Powershares Db Gold DGL
Powershares Dwa Dev Mkts Mom PIZ
Powershares Dwa Emrg Mkts Mom PIE
Powershares Dwa Momentum PDP
Powershares Dwa Smallcap Mom DWAS.K
Powershares Dynamic Bldg Constrn PKB
Powershares Dynamic Media PBS
Powershares Dynamic Pharmacals PJP
Powershares Intl Corporate Bond PICB.K
Powershares Kbw High Dvd Yld Fnl KBWD.K
Powershares Nasdaq Internet PNQI
Powershares Nasdaq Internet PNQI.O
Powershares S&P 500 Buywrite PBP
Powershares S&P 500 High Beta SPHB.K
Powershares S&P 500 High Div SPHD.K
Powershares S&P 500 High Quality SPHQ.K
Powershares S&P 500 Low Volat SPLV.K
Powershares S&P Cons Stap Port PSCC
Powershares S&P Cons Stap Port PSCC.O
Powershares S&P Emerging Markets EELV.K
Powershares S&P International De IDLV.K
Powershares S&P Midcap Low Vol XMLV.K
Powershares S&P Small Tech Port PSCT
Powershares S&P Small Tech Port PSCT.O
Powershares Senior Loan BKLN.K
Powershs Sp 500 Dwnsde Hedged PHDG.K
Prairiesky Royalty PSK.TO
Proshares Large Cap Core Plus CSM
Proshares Short 30 Year Tips/Tsy FINF.K
Proshares Short High Yield SJB
Proshares Short Msci Eafe EFZ
Proshares Short Msci Emerging EUM
Proshares Short Vix Short Term SVXY.K
Proshares Ultpro Sh 20 Yr Tsry TTT
Proshares Ultra 20+ Yr Treasury UBT
Proshares Ultra 7-10 Yr Treasury UST
Proshares Ultra Ftse China 50 XPP
Proshares Ultra Ftse Europe UPV
Proshares Ultra Health Care RXL
Proshares Ultra Msci Eafe EFO
Proshares Ultra Msci Emrg Mrkt EET
Proshares Ultra Nasdaq Biotech BIB.O
Proshares Ultra Short Midcap 400 SMDD.K
Proshares Ultra Utilities UPW
Proshares Ultra Vix Short Term UVXY.K
Proshares Ultrapro Midcap 400 UMDD.K
Proshares Ultrapro Qqq TQQQ
Proshares Ultrapro Qqq TQQQ.O
Proshares Ultrapro Russell 2000 URTY.K
Proshares Ultrapro Shor Rus 2000 SRTY.K
Proshares Ultrapro Short Qqq SQQQ
Proshares Ultrapro Short Qqq SQQQ.O
Proshares Ultrapro Sht Dw 30 E SDOW.K
Proshares Ultrashort Ftse Europe EPV
Proshares Ultrashort Gold GLL
Proshares Ultrashort Nas Biotech BIS.O
Proshares Ultrashort Yen YCS
Proshares Ultrshrt Msci Brzl Cpd BZQ
Proshares Vix Short Term Futures VIXY.K
Pwrshrs Dwa Consmr Cycls Mntm PEZ
Pwrshrs Dwa Energy Mntm PXI
Pwrshrs Dwa Healthcare Mntm PTH
Pwrshrs Dwa Technology Mntm PTF
Pwrshs Ftse Rafi Dvpd Mkt Ex Us PXF
Pwrshs Ftse Rafi Us 1500 Sml Mid PRFZ
Pwrshs Ftse Rafi Us 1500 Sml Mid PRFZ.O
Pwrshs Kbw Prem Yld Eqty Reit KBWY.K
Revenueshares Large Cap RWL
Revenueshares Small Cap RWJ
Schwab Intermediate Term Us Trs SCHR.K
Schwab Internatnal Small Cap Eqy SCHC.K
Schwab Short Term Us Treasury SCHO.K
Schwab Us Aggregate Bond SCHZ.K
Schwab Us Dividend Equity SCHD.K
Schwab Us Large Cap Growth SCHG.K
Schwab Us Large Cap Value SCHV.K
Schwab Us Tips SCHP.K
Spdr Barclays Aggregate Bond LAG
Spdr Barclays Cnv Securities CWB
Spdr Barclays Intermediate Term ITE
Spdr Barclays International Corp IBND.K
Spdr Barclays Issuer Scored Corp CBND.K
Spdr Barclays Long Term Corp LWC
Spdr Barclays Long Term Treasury TLO
Spdr Barclays Short Term Corp SCPB.K
Spdr Barclays Short Term High SJNK.K
Spdr Barclays Short Term Inter BWZ
Spdr Barclays Tips IPE
Spdr Barcly Intermediate Corp ITR
Spdr Blackstone Gso Senior Loan SRLN.K
Spdr Dow Jone Global Real Estate RWO
Spdr Msci Acwi Ex-Us CWI
Spdr Nuveen Barclays Build Amer BABS.K
Spdr Nuveen S&P High Yield Muni HYMB.K
Spdr S&P 400 Mid Cap Value MDYV.K
Spdr S&P 500 Growth SPYG.K
Spdr S&P 500 Value SPYV.K
Spdr S&P 600 Small Cap SLY
Spdr S&P 600 Small Cap Growth SLYG.K
Spdr S&P 600 Small Cap Value SLYV.K
Spdr S&P Emerging Markets Divid EDIV.K
Spdr S&P Emerging Markets GMM
Spdr S&P Emerging Mrkt Sml Cp EWX
Spdr S&P Global Infrastructure GII
Spdr S&P Global Natural Resourcs GNR
Spdr S&P Health Care Services XHS
Spdr S&P International Dividend DWX
Spdr S&P Intl Health Care Sector IRY
Spdr S&P Pharmaceuticals XPH
Spdr S&P Transportation XTN
Spdr S&P World Ex Us GWL
Spdr Ssga Global Allocation GAL
Spdr Ssga Multi Asset Real Retur RLY
Spdr Wells Fargo Preferred Stock PSK
Talon Metals TLO.TO
Trimtabs Float Shrink TTFS.K
Ubs Etracs 2xleveraged Reit MORL.K
Ubs Etracs Alerian Mlp Index AMU
United States Gasoline UGA
Van Eck Market Vec Local Cur Bnd EMLC.K
Vanguard Consumer Discretionary VCR
Vanguard Consumer Staples VDC
Vanguard Emerging Markt Govt Bnd VWOB
Vanguard Emerging Markt Govt Bnd VWOB.O
Vanguard Extended Duration EDV
Vanguard Glbal Ex Us Real Estate VNQI
Vanguard Glbal Ex Us Real Estate VNQI.O
Vanguard High Dividend Yield VYM
Vanguard Intermediate Term Cor VCIT
Vanguard Intermediate Term Cor VCIT.O
Vanguard Intermediate Term Gov VGIT
Vanguard Intermediate Term Gov VGIT.O
Vanguard Mega Cap MGC
Vanguard Mega Cap Growth MGK
Vanguard Mega Cap Value MGV
Vanguard Mortgage Backed Sec VMBS
Vanguard Mortgage Backed Sec VMBS.O
Vanguard Russell 1000 VONE
Vanguard Russell 1000 VONE.O
Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth VONG
Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth VONG.O
Vanguard Russell 1000 Value VONV
Vanguard Russell 1000 Value VONV.O
Vanguard Russell 2000 VTWO
Vanguard Russell 2000 VTWO.O
Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth VTWG
Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth VTWG.O
Vanguard S&P 500 Growth VOOG.K
Vanguard S&P 500 Value VOOV.K
Vanguard S&P Mid Cap 400 IVOO.K
Vanguard S&P Mid Cap 400 Growth IVOG.K
Vanguard S&P Small Cap 600 VIOO.K
Vanguard Short Term Cor Bd VCSH
Vanguard Short Term Cor Bd VCSH.O
Vanguard Short Term Government VGSH
Vanguard Short Term Government VGSH.O
Vanguard Shrt Inf Prot Sec Index VTIP
Vanguard Shrt Inf Prot Sec Index VTIP.O
Velocityshares 3x Inverse Crude DWTI.K
Velocityshares 3x Inverse Natura DGAZ.K
Velocityshares 3x Long Crude UWTI.K
Velocityshares 3x Long Natural UGAZ.K
Wisdom Tree Dividend Ex Finan DTN
Wisdom Tree Interna Dvd Ex Finan DOO
Wisdomtree Asia Local Debt ALD
Wisdomtree Defa Equity Income DTH
Wisdomtree Defa DWM
Wisdomtree Earnings 500 EPS
Wisdomtree Emerging Markt Local ELD
Wisdomtree Equity Income DHS
Wisdomtree Europe Hedged Eqty HEDJ.K
Wisdomtree Europe Smlcp Dividend DFE
Wisdomtree Intl Largecp Dividend DOL
Wisdomtree Intl Smallcp Dividend DLS
Wisdomtree Japan Hedged Equity DXJ
Wisdomtree Japan Hedged Sc Equty DXJS
Wisdomtree Japan Hedged Sc Equty DXJS.O
Wisdomtree Japan Smalcp Dividend DFJ
Wisdomtree Largecap Dividend DLN
Wisdomtree Managed Futures Strat WDTI.K
Wisdomtree Midcap Dividend DON
Wisdomtree Midcap Earnings EZM
Wisdomtree Smallcap Dividend DES
Wisdomtree Smallcap Earnings EES
Wisdomtree Total Dividend DTD
Wsdmtree Emrg Mkts Smallcap Dvd DGS

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