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The  Stop Loss Tools Compatibility Test

Attention Mac users and users of certain non-Windows systems

When you click on the "Get Test" link below, you may get the following or a similar message:

"The file contains Visual Basic macros
Visual Basic macros do not work in Office 2008 for Mac.  To open the file and remove the macros, click open and Remove Macros.  To open the file and keep the macros, click Open"
If you do get this or a similar message, then your system will not be able to use any of our stop loss calculators.  The macros must be operational.  They add functionality that Excel does not have without them, and they are absolutely necessary to the proper functioning of those programs.  We understand that Office 2004 for Mac does support Visual Basic macros.  Apparently, there are plans to enable the next version of Office for Mac (after 2008) to use such macros.  This issue is discussed at the following location, and by the time you read this, it may no longer be an issue.  http://www.schwieb.com/blog/2008/05/13/saying-hello-again-to-visual-basic/
Right click on the following link.  You will probably be given several options (such as "Open," "Save," "Save As").  Simply click on the "Open" option and see if the spreadsheet works correctly (two simple tests are provided).  You must enable macros when given the choice.  If you do not see the downloaded spreadsheet, drag the window to one side to see if it is there.  You may get a message that "testing.xlt," is a different format than specified by the file extension.  Open it anyway.

Get Test for Stops, ATR Stops, SD Stops, or Basic Stops

If you still cannot perform the test, then your Excel program is probably not set up properly. You may find what you need to prepare Excel by going to


If that doesn't help, try different compatibility modes. Also, be sure to change your macro settings so Excel will "trust" software with macros, and so on.  You must have Excel 2007 or later (or be albe to work with .xlsm files).


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