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A Change in Stops

The Following Change Was Made After the Last Video Was Recorded

Note the cells that are circled in red in the above image.  In those cells are numbers.  Previously, stock symbols appeared there as shown in the video.

We have found that users will damage Stops if we do not protect certain cells against modification.  They will unintentionally delete labels, hidden formulas, and cause other damage that will corrupt the output of Stops or render it completely unusable.  That is a big part of why we decided it was necessary to add protection to numerous cells in the program.  The only entries a user really has to make in order for the program to calculate stop losses are numbers, numbers for dates and numbers for prices.  Therefore, the protection system we use protects all text and all formulas.  Only numbers are left unprotected and editable.  If symbols are entered to identify stocks, the program will sometimes "protect" a symbol so that it cannot be replaced with the symbol for another stock.  Users can find this aggravating.  Therefore, we have labeled positions "Position 1," "Position 2," and so on through "Position 10."  Because numbers are not protected by the system, we avoid the problem of user-entered symbols becoming "frozen."  The user simply keeps a separate record to identify the stocks that are being tracked.  For example, the separate list might look like this.
Position 1 = IBM
Position 2 = AAPL
Position 3 = INTC …

This procedure completely eliminates the "frozen symbol" problem, because the symbols are never entered in the program.

If You Insist on Entering Symbols

Because we wanted to give you a choice, we did not make these numeric position identifiers permanent.  You may, against our recommendation, replace the numbers with symbols.  However, if you do, you have a good chance of encountering problems when you want to change those symbols.  The symbol "freeze" does not occur immediately.  Apparently, if it occurs, it occurs only after the program has been closed and reopened.  In fact, it may take several cycles of closing and opening the program before you discover that a symbol has become "frozen."

Stops automatically makes a backup copy every time you open the program and before you make any changes.  This copy is stored in a folder labeled "Backup."  If Stops was working well before you made changes that caused a symbol to be "frozen," then you can revert to the backup copy and start over again.  Of course, this means you will lose any new data you may have entered or other changes you may have made before you discovered that you could not change a symbol.  You can decide for yourself whether or not having the symbols entered in Stops is worth the risk of having to start over.  

Note: You never enter anything in columns D through H of the first four rows.  Stops will automatically generate this information for you after you have entered data for your positions and pressed the f-9 key.  If you do enter symbols, they must always be entered in Column B where the data for each position is located.  Positions are located vertically in the spreadsheet through row 1050.

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