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The ValuatorThe ValuatorWhich stocks are most undervalued, show the most consistent strength, or generate the most enthusiasm among analysts? Of the stocks that are most undervalued, which ones are rising faster than most rising stocks (top 50% in their rate of ascent)? All stocks cycle between their highs and lows. Where is the stock in its cycle right now? The Valuator tracks about 500 stocks on a regular basis with answers to these and many other questions.
Stock AlertsStock AlertsThis is a resource for more active traders/investors who like to build “watch lists” of stocks that appear to be ready or nearly ready for a price surge. This publication scans thousands of stocks and generates lists of stocks that have generated any of six bullish and five bearish “setup” alerts. These setups often occur at the beginning of a new trend or price surge. Click on "More info" to get details.  Daily Reports.
Stock-ScannerStock-ScannerFind stocks that are just beginning a new trend. The Stock-Scanner scans thousands of stocks using 6 different moving average crossover systems, looking for crossover events in either direction. It generates an alert for each crossover, names the stock and gives its symbol, identifies the system that generated the alert, identifies the direction of the crossover, gives price surge information, volume surge information, and reduces "whipsaw" events.  This scanner also includes the R.C. Allen triple moving average crossover system.  Daily Reports
Volume SurgesVolume SurgesWhen a stock's volume surges, it means interest in that stock has suddenly increased.  A Volume surge is often the beginning of a new significant move (up or down) in price.  In fact, a surge in volume often preceeds a surge in price.  We search thousands of stocks and rank them according to their percentage change in volume.  The top 200 (the 200 with the greatest surge in volume) are placed on a list available to subscribers.  We also indicate if a Donchian crossover signal or an R.C. Allen signal occurred on the day of the volume surge.
Strongest ETFsStrongest ETFsThe strongest 150 ETFs are listed in rank order. When we say a stock or ETF is "strong," we are referring to strength that goes far beyond that measured by the Relative Strength Index (RSI), a mathematical tool popular with traders. Stocks with high RSI can have lousy chart patterns. Our algorithms, on the other hand, find ETFs that have both recent strength AND the strongest chart patterns. Use the "Strongest Stocks" link (left side of your screen) to see charts illustrating the difference.  Daily Reports.
ETF AlertsETF AlertsThis ETF Alert generator is a dual moving average crossover system that generates alerts when the shorter moving average crosses the longer moving average. It gives alerts for five different moving average crossover systems. We also provide a filtering mechanism that may be used to reduce the probability of being “whipsawed.” It is believed that dual moving average crossover systems give more reliable alerts than systems using only closing price crossovers.  Daily Reports.
Strongest StocksStrongest StocksThere is a big difference between a stock that has been strong for a few days and one that has a very strong chart pattern. The RSI finds the former and our strength rank algorithm finds the latter. Traders like to find a stock in a strong trend and buy it on a pullback for a relatively low-risk entry point. Our "Strongest Stocks" subscription lists 225 top-ranked “Runners."  Daily Reports.
BreakoutsBreakoutsWe scan thousands of stocks to find breakouts, price reversals, and stocks that are surging in price. These patterns are very attractive to traders because they are the signs of a new influx of interest. The patterns also are precursors to further upside price movement or a new positive trend. This list is generated by a much more sophisticated algorthm than the free one on the "Surges" page. It is looking for much more significant pattern changes.  Daily Reports
Momentum StocksMomentum StocksThe 150 stocks with the greatest 25-day momentum out of an 8000+ stock database are listed.  Both 12-day and 25-day momentum are included in this subscription.  We display the price, 25-day momentum, and 12-day momentum (in that order and ranked by their 25-day momentum).  We include an "average volume momentum" measurement.  It shows our latest measurement of the average volume for the previous 10 days in comparison with the same measurement as of 10 days before that.  A new list is provided weekly.
New HighsNew HighsThis subscription provides a weekly list of up to 90 stocks that have just made new 6-month highs.  Information provided includes Name, Symbol, Percent Gain for the week, RSI, Volume, and Closing Price.
Price/Volume SurgesPrice/Volume SurgesThe lists provided by this subscription consists of up to 90 stocks that have surged in price by at least 2% with a simultaneous surge in volume of at least 50%.
Valu-PakValu-PakWith this subscription, a person gets access to information generated by all our scanners. Access to The Valuator is also included.

This Excel-based spreadsheet tool computes volatility-adjusted stop-losses and is easy to use. The "Lab" enables you to see how the stop-loss changes with changes in the settings. That way, you can find the volatility settings that are right for you. The tool provides 19 ways to compute stop losses, but it does not compute stop losses for short-sellers. It does the math for you.

SD StopsSD Stops

The standard deviation is the statistical tool preferred by most statisticians to measure volatility. SD Stops is an Excel-based spreadsheet tool that uses the standard deviation to determine statistically valid stop-loss levels. The "Lab" enables you to see how the stop-loss changes with changes in the settings. That way, you can find the volatility settings that are right for you.  It computes stop losses for long and short positions based on the standard deviation.  It does the math for you.

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