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The Development of Stops

We have discovered that piracy is rampant on the Internet. Our articles have been stolen by other Websites that remove from our articles everything that identified us as the source and then claim authorship for themselves. They have also removed any links to our Website. This is occurring on a fairly large scale. We concluded therefore, that if we were to create software, we would have to go to extreme measures to prevent piracy. Our first effort was a stand-alone program that calculated stop losses several ways.

Some of the measures we used to prevent piracy were as follows. We linked the program to the computer of the user so that it could not be used on any other computer. To protect our algorithms, we converted them to code that could not be "cracked" in the lifetime of a hacker using an array of parallel computers. We also blocked all access to the VBA (macros), where algorithms were also converted to unbreakable code. We used three different and independent cross-referencing timing mechanisms to prevent cheating by users who attempted to use the program indefinitely by setting their computer calendars back to previous dates. We also created algorithms that would introduce subtle errors into the output if the program detected an attempt to cheat (this was disclosed in the description of the program so people knew in advance the consequence of trying to cheat the protection systems).

Since we could not turn the program off remotely once a person had both the program and its activation code(s), we had to program it to automatically shut itself off after a certain amount of time. For first-time users, it shut down after a 15-day trial period. If the individual did not cancel during that time, new codes were automatically sent early on the 16th day. We had to do this because Stops was a stand-alone program with all our stop loss calculating algorithms and procedures built-in. Without forcing a shut-down, Stops would become a piracy target. After the trial period, there were no refunds, and the calculator was programmed to shut down after 6 months or a year (depending on the user's choice).

Even though the number of people ordering the program made it one of our most popular offerings, some hesitated to order because of the requirement that they pay in advance for six months or a year. We have now solved that problem by removing from Stops most of our proprietary algorithms and procedures, by including within
Stops the computational results of our algorithms (the data needed to generate stop losses for virtually any stock traded on any U.S. exchange), and by providing updated copies of Stops on a daily basis. Conventional stop loss calculators require that the user either manually enter or download fresh data every day. Downloading an updated version of Stops accomplishes the same thing as downloading data, but with less effort and less inconvenience. We think you will find that downloading Stops takes less time than downloading the data. Inexpensive stop loss programs generally require that the user manually enter Open, High, Low, and Closing prices. Doing this every day for all the stocks in a portfolio can be a time-consuming chore. An expensive program may enable a user to simply download the data. However, if the user wants to evaluate stocks other than the ones he currently owns (something he should do before buying in order to estimate risk vs. potential reward), this also could require repeatedly downloading data (also tedious).

With Stops, all the data is already there. Also, because the user downloads a new copy with fresh data each day, forced shut-downs are not necessary, and there is no need to pay for six months in advance. The subscriber can pay on a monthly basis and cancel at any time.  A would-be software thief prefers a program that has all the proprietary algorithms within it so that, if he can hack through its defenses, he can steal the program.  A person who is interested in generating stop losses rather than in stealing software will not care if our algorithms are not available for stealing as long as he can quickly and efficiently calculate volatility-adjusted stop losses.

Just as with our original version of the proigram, Stops will show stop loss placement relative to the high, low, or close, and the user can apply a virtually unlimited range of weightings to the volatility measurement. It can calculate for long or short positions. In addition, Stops can calculate Fibonacci retracement levels and pivot point supports and resistances.

We no longer tie Stops to a single user computer. If the user has two computers, he can use Stops on either or both. Activation codes and operational codes are no longer needed. Stops can be used on any computer that has Excel 2003 (or later) installed on it, but it cannot be opened in Excel. Just click on its icon and it will open.

Thus, Stops is now a subscription service for which the user pays a monthly fee. A person can cancel at any time. When an individual cancels a subscription, the cancellation will become effective at the end of the current paid-for period, and the subscriber will have access until then. There is more information about this on our "Refunds & Policies" page.

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