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Subscription and Refund Information

Refunds And Other Policies
of Stock Disciplines, a.k.a. StockDisciplines.com, a.k.a. Stock Disciplines, LLC
hereinafter referred to as "We" or "Stock Disciplines"

We do not levy shipping charges, handling fees, or other fees related to processing and filling an order. 

 We "deliver" our products as follows.  
 1.  The Valuator is available in the "Subscribers Section" of the website.  Some information is immediately viewable when you enter the section dedicated to The Valuator.  The spreadsheets are available by clicking on links available within The Valuator.  For example, The Valuator's eight lists of the top 44 ranked stocks for lowest PE ratio, lowest PEG ratio, highest dividend yield, and so on, are available by clicking on a link.
 2.  Lists for the Stock-Scanner, StockAlerts, Strongest Stocks, Strongest ETFs, and all other subscriptions are viewable on the site.  Subscribers may copy or print the alert lists for their own use.
 3.  Stops and ATR Stops are downloaded from the site.  We do not send copies on a CD.  You must have Microsoft's Excel 2007 or later on your computer in order to use either.      

Even though all of our products are delivered electronically (as described above), for legal, service, and communication reasons we do require you to provide your name, physical address, postal code, e-mail address, and telephone number. This information is required as part of the ordering process.  If you have any concerns about how this information will be used, please click on the "Privacy/Security" tab on the navigation bar and read our "Privacy/Security" information.  Also read our "Terms of Use" Agreement.

Subscription Reports And Site Updates

Unless there is a system failure or some other circumstance that interrupts normal procedure, the site is updated each market day after the market closes.  These updates include comments, charts, indicators, and reports for subscribers.  However, there are a few days in the year (usually before or after a major holiday) when the market closes early (these are often called "half-days").  We have no set rule regarding updates on those days.  We decide at the time according to market conditions.  The reason is that usually on such days volume is quite low and little of significance occurs.  Price and volume changes are usually so small that they do not result in a significant change in outlook from the previous day.  The shortened days always include the Friday after Thanksgiving day (traders and investors have taken off for an extended weekend), and the day before Christmas.  Most people are thinking of things other than the market on those days.   


Accounts are charged monthly until the subscriber cancels. Subscription fees are based on the fee schedule current at the time of subscription. The actual date on which a card is charged depends on the time of day the order is placed.  If the order is placed early in the day, the charge will take place on the same day.  If it is placed late, the charge may take place on the following day.  Thereafter, a subscriber's credit card account will automatically be charged on the same day each month. However, if a subscriber is initially charged on a day that is not included in shorter months, then for shorter months the subscriber will be charged on the last day of the month. For example, assume a subscriber is initially charged on the 31st of January. Then, in February, the subscriber will be charged on the 28th (or on the 29th in leap years), and in April on the 30th. Note: we use the word "month" to refer to the paid-for period. If a subscription begins on March 15, the paid-for "month" is not the calendar month. It is the paid-for period from March 15th through April 14th. To avoid confusion, we refer to these "months" as "paid-for periods" below.

Cancellation, Switching, and Refund Policies

1. We do not try to talk a person out of canceling a service or into subscribing to a different service rather than canceling.   

2. We do not "switch" a person from one subscription service to another.  An order for a subscription must go through the Payment Gateway because we do not handle credit card information.  The Payment Gateway provides a high-security venue for processing such information.  The Payment Gateway does its job when a person enters an order for a subscription on our Website.  The order is routed directly to the Payment Gateway.  If a person wants to try a subscription that is different from his current subscription, he must place an order for that service just like he did for the original service. If he wants to replace one service with another, he must order the new one and cancel the first service.  He may cancel a subscription by sending us a cancellation notice (an email is sufficient to do this).  He may do this as often as he likes. If a person is not sure which service to select, he might try Valu-Pak. That way, he can sample 12 services. When he discovers which services are most suitable for him, he may cancel Valu-Pak and order only the desired services. The fee for Valu-Pak is the same as the total cost of subscribing to 3 services..

3. When an individual cancels a subscription, the cancellation will become effective at the end of the current paid-for period.  There are no refunds or credits for partially used paid-for periods.  A subscription and its paid-for access will continue until the end of the current paid-for period.  There will be no additional charges after the current period.  This is standard procedure for companies that have automatic monthly billing.   Click here for a few examples .  

   Expired Credit Cards   

If your payment method becomes invalid, for example if your credit card expires, then the payment gateway (Authorize.net) cannot process your payments.  Since we do not handle credit card information, we cannot simply update your account for you with your new credit card information.  Also, the payment gateway does not deal directly with customers, so you cannot call the payment gateway to provide updated information. 

When the payment gateway cannot process a subscriber's payments, access to a subscription service is automatically aborted.  To continue with the service, it is necessary to order a new subscription with valid credit card information.  There is an exception.  If the subscriber's card information is unchanged except for the expiration date, and we are provided with the new expiration date before the next billing (not on the same day as the next billing), we can update your credit card expiration date on the payment gateway's system and thereby prevent the cancellation of service.  However, this will work only if there are no other changes to the credit card used and only if we are notified of the change in expiration date before the scheduled billing day.  If the number has changed, if a different credit card is to be used, or if the payment gateway has already attempted to bill the account without success, then a new order will have to be placed.  It is important that you notify us of the change in expiration date before the billing date to avoid having to place a new subscription order.

Is there A Trial Period?

Yes, for the Stops programs (see below under "Stops"). With regard to subscriptions, our policy changed when we switched from charging for 6 months to a year in advance to a system where subscribers are charged monthly with automatic renewals.  The modified policy is intended to discourage "lookie-loos" or "tire kickers."  Click here for information about our policy.

Automatic Renewals

At one time, subscriptions had a pre-set expiration date, and in order to continue, people had to renew their subscriptions after that date.  We were happy with this arrangement, but we soon discovered that it was problematic for some subscribers.  Some subscribers got tired of repeatedly placing new orders so they could continue.  A problem arose when subscribers asked us to renew their subscriptions for them.  An obvious response would be for us to comply.  However, we did not want to do that because an order cannot be processed unless credit card information is included in the order form.  For security reasons, we did not want to see, let alone handle the necessary credit card information in our office. Therefore, to address the problem, we hired a very reputable and highly secure payment gateway (Authorize.net) that is capable of automatically renewing subscriptions and licenses.  Now a person never has to renew because it is done automatically.  One possible problem with this arrangement is that people do not like to be locked into lengthy subscriptions because they forget to cancel before the expiration date.  To minimize that problem, most automatic subscription renewals are for only one month at a time (not a year or more at a time). 

Therefore, with our current arrangement, all subscriptions and licenses are automatically renewed until they are cancelled.  When an individual cancels, the cancellation will become effective at the end of the current paid-for period.  There are no refunds or credits for partially used paid-for periods.  A subscription and its paid-for use will continue until the end of the current paid-for period.  The result of a cancellation is that there will be no additional charges or renewals after the current paid-for period. 

Our policies regarding Stops are somewhat different, and they are explained in the next section.


Stops uses three distributed and independent timing mechanisms in order to facilitate our own need for security and also a customer's desire for a trial period.  Month-to-month payments are not an option for Stops because Stops is software rather than data available on our Website.  The logistics required for licensing software on a monthly basis makes that arrangement too expensive for us.  The fee for a license is paid six months in advance, but we do offer a trial period.  We think a user can get acquainted with the program in less than 10 days.  Therefore, for first-time users, refunds are available any time within 10 days beginning with the first day after we send the Operational Codes that make the program work.  If there is a cancellation during the first 10 days, the amount refunded will equal the amount of the original license fee minus 6%. 

The 6% fee helps us cover some of the administrative expenses and credit card fees involved in setting up and canceling the account at StockDisciplines.com and at Authorize.net (the Payment Gateway).  For example, we have calculated the amount we are charged for accepting credit card payments, and the fees averaged between 6% and 7%. Refunding by credit card would cost another 6% to 7%. Although the 6% fee we charge covers only a portion of our expenses, it also helps screen out "lookie-loos" or "tire-kickers" who are not really interested in making a serious effort at learning to use Stops. The refund will be sent by check to minimize our costs.  

First-time users are sent temporary Operational Codes.  With these codes, we will also indicate the last date on which you may cancel and get a refund.  Starting with the first day of the license period, first-time users will have 10 days to use and evaluate Stops.  The 10-day period is independent of when you actually begin to use Stops.  For example, if you do not begin to use Stops until the sixth day, then the first five days will have been lost, and you will have only 5 days of use before the end of your 10-day trial period.  Therefore it would be wise not to order Stops unless you are prepared to begin using it.  After the tenth day, StockDisciplines.com will send you new Operational Codes that will enable Stops to function for the remainder of the license period. These codes are sent automatically.  If you wish to cancel your license to use Stops, notify StockDisciplines.com of that fact any time within the first 10 days.  It is understood that there is no way for StockDisciplines.com to turn Stops off when it is on a remote computer once licensee has it and valid Operational Codes.  Therefore, if there is no cancellation within the first 10 days, refund requests after the first 10 days will not be honored, even if licensee discontinues use of the tool.  There are no refunds for partially used license periods. 
See the License Agreement for details about the trial period and refunds.  To see the license Agreement, click on Agreement

Stop loss calculator license renewals are for the length of time stipulated on the order form.  At one time, people had to renew their licenses every 6 months or every year.  After a few years that can become tiresome.  Because some licensees found it inconvenient or tiresome to repeatedly fill out a new order form in order to renew a license, we made arrangements to make renewals automatic.  That is, a license to use Stops is renewed automatically and new Operational Codes are sent automatically for the same period of use that is on the original order, unless we receive notice of a licensee's intent NOT to renew.  There is no "trial period" when a license is renewed, because the individual has already used the program.  He knows what it is like.  If a person does not want to renew, he should notify us of that fact before the end of his current paid-for period (before the expiration date). Once a license is renewed and new operational codes have been sent, it is too late to cancel the renewal.  However, we do specify the expiration date when we send the Activation Key and the Operational Codes that control the operation of Stops.  Therefore the licensee should know the expiration date, and the automatic renewal date is the following day.  If a licensee is uncertain about the automatic renewal date, he may simply call or email us and ask for it.  We also send a notice at some time during the 6 days immediately before the automatic renewal date so a person can cancel if that is his desire.  If we do not confirm the cancellation within 24 hours, the licensee should call us to confirm cancellation.

Use the yellow "This Site Is Secure" link below for information about credit card security and for other information pertaining to security and privacy.


Because we deliver all our products electronically, they are especially susceptible to piracy.  We believe most people are honest and that piracy is committed unintentionally.  To clarify issues for people who might otherwise commit unintentional piracy, we require ALL customers to send us a "Promise & Affirmation" statement.  This statement is incorporated in the order form a customer submits when ordering by credit card.  If a person pays by check or money order, the "Promise and Affirmation" is still a requirement.  Before we give access to ANY product paid for by check or money order, we must receive a "Promise and Affirmation" to which the customer has affixed his or her name (a typed name is acceptable).  Without this promise, we will not give access to the product.  For information regarding this requirement, please click on the word "NOTICE" that heads this paragraph.

This Site Is Secure    


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